Kelly Dodd Accuses Bravo of Double Standards Over Heather and Shades Her Spinoff Ratings, Agrees RHOC is “Staged,” Plus Praises Husband Rick’s New Book

by Lindsay Cronin
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Kelly Dodd Accuses Bravo of Double Standards for Heather, Pokes Fun at Ratings on 7 Year Stitch, and Says Rick Wrote a Book, Plus Agrees RHOC is "Scripted" and "Staged"

Kelly Dodd believes Bravo has a double standard for Heather Dubrow.

After coming across a Reality Blurb article in which Heather took aim at Real Housewives of Orange County‘s production team by suggesting they made her dinner with Dr. Jen Armstrong look “sh-tty” and accused them of leaving out key details from their evening in an effort to make the scene appear more controversial, Kelly suggested that if she had done the same, she likely would have been fined.

“I wonder if she’ll get fined for this? I know I would’ve been,” Kelly tweeted on March 7, giving a nod to comments Heather made on her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World.

RHOC Kelly Dodd Suggests Bravo Had Double Standards for Heather Dubrow

In another tweet, Kelly reacted to the ratings on Heather and Dr. Terry Dubrow‘s new spinoff, 7 Year Stitch, which follows the couple as they attempt to fix the relationships of others.

“HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA HEE HEE HAHAHAHA HEEEE!!!” Kelly wrote. “Anyone smell a reboot coming? Cuz these numbers SUCK!!!”

In an accompanying tweet, it was revealed that the premiere episode of 7 Year Stitch received just 344,000 viewers and only 0.08 percent of the key demographic.

RHOC Kelly Dodd Throws Shade at Ratings on Heather Dubrow Spinoff

As Kelly enjoys life away from Bravo with husband Rick Leventhal, the former Fox News correspondent has been busy. He’s not only working alongside Kelly on the renovations of their Southern California home, but he’s also working on his upcoming book, which he recently completed.

“Congratulations to my husband! He finished writing his book… True stories of his challenges [and] adventures on location, covering the major events of our lifetime including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, 9/11, Hurricanes and much more!” she announced.

RHOC Kelly Dodd Confirms Husband Rick Leventhal Just Wrote a Book

Also on Twitter, after coming across a fan, who was reacting to the 772,000 viewers RHOC received during a recent episode, Kelly agreed with the fan’s assessment that the alleged lack of authentic friendships between the cast, as well as the supposedly “scripted” and “staged” storylines, had led the show to become unlikable.

“Thats honestly [because] everything is so scripted/staged now. Most of these women would never even see each other if it werent for the show. Everytime they get together it’s over the top catered dinner parties. Far cry from what the show once was (that made it [likable]/relatable).”

“Yep hit the nail on the head,” Kelly agreed.

Kelly Dodd Agrees RHOC Looks Scripted and Staged

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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