Christine Quinn Shades Selling Sunset for “Fake Storylines” and Suggests Show Should Be Called Christine Quinn Show as Cast Reacts to “Mean Girls” Portrayal

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Christine Quinn Shades Selling Sunset for "Fake Storylines" and Suggests Show Should Be Called The Christine Quinn Show as Cast Reacts to "Mean Girls" Portrayal

Christine Quinn has some strong opinions on the latest season of Selling Sunset.

As she remains on the outs with the majority of her co-workers at the Oppenheim Group, where they work as realtors, Christine took to her Twitter page to share some thoughts. She’s not only shading the Netflix reality show for its “fake storylines” but also suggesting the series should have a different title entirely.

“[Thirty] minutes till the launch of [Selling Sunset]. Enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake storylines!” Christine tweeted on April 22.

Chrisitine Quinn Shades Fake Storylines of Selling Sunset

A short time later, Christine retweeted a message from a fan, who suggested Netflix should change the name of the show from Selling Sunset to The Christine Quinn Show.

“The Christine Quinn Show comes back tomorrow… so weird that they still call it Selling Sunset,” they had written.

Christine Thinks Selling Sunset Should Be Called the Christine Quinn Show

Christine also spoke out about being the odd woman out on a digital cover for Netflix’s Tudum site.

“I think the thing they get wrong about me is that I’m just like everyone else. We have this thing up here that is our brain, and we have this thing here that’s our heart,” Christine shared, via E! News. “I think the hardest thing is you’re seen one way, and then people don’t realize that you have feelings. People make mistakes and it’s okay.”

Although Christine feels that her co-workers have singled her out, they don’t feel they’ve done anything wrong.

“I hate that we’re being portrayed as mean girls this season,” Heather Rae Young, now Heather El Moussa, said as Emma Hernan accused Christine of trying to spin the narrative.

“There’s a reason why we choose not to have someone in our lives,” Emma added. “There’s one person all of us girls have an issue with. These people are the opposite of mean girls. These are the most supportive girls to me, personally. I struggled in high school and coming into this group has been the biggest breath of fresh air.”

Meanwhile, Chrishell Stause, who has butted heads frequently with Christine on Selling Sunset, confirmed that not all of the cast gets along.

“It is really hard if you’re being given an energy from someone. There are always times I wish I could have been better, but it’s difficult to support someone toxic,” she noted.

But despite their differences, Maya Vander acknowledged that Christine plays a major role on Selling Sunset.

“Christine runs Selling Sunset, let’s face it,” Maya admitted. “If Christine leaves the show, what are we going to have?”

While Christine didn’t have much support on the cast, she did find a friend in newbie Chelsea Lazkani, who revealed she gave Christine a fair chance.

“The type of person I am and where my value system lies, I really just call things out how I see them,” Chelsea explained. “I didn’t take into account prior behavior.”

After the sharing of the article, Christine responded to the post with a series of smiling-with-hearts emojis.

Christine Quinn Reacts to Article Suggesting Fans Should Feel Bad for Her on Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset season five is currently streaming on Netflix.

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