Pump Rules’ Katie Maloney Reacts to Lala Cutting Out Tom Schwartz and Offers Update on Ariana Friendship, Plus See Pics From Coachella Hangout With Dayna Kathan

by Lindsay Cronin
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Pump Rules' Katie Maloney Reacts to Lala Cutting Out Schwartz and Offers Update on Ariana Friendship, Plus See Coachella Looks as She Attends With Dayna Kathan

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Katie Maloney is weighing in on Lala Kent‘s decision to cut ties with her estranged husband, Tom Schwartz.

After Lala confirmed on last week’s Watch What Happens Live that she “cut him out” after learning he had spent time with her former fiancé, Randall Emmett, Katie said she “fully” understands Lala’s decision before offering an update on her relationships with Tom and Ariana Madix and attending Coachella with Dayna Kathan, who was featured on Pump Rules as a guest on season seven and a full-time cast member on season eight.

“That’s kind of like her M.O. and I can’t fault her for that,” Katie told E! News on April 17. “She feels strongly about Randall and how things have gone down and the person that he is, and how she doesn’t want him in her life.”

“She’s made it abundantly clear to all of us and she said it explicitly. So for anyone to kind of take that and go back and decide to continue a friendship or relationship knowing…it is what it is,” she continued.

As for her own relationship with Tom, Katie said “nothing has changed.”

“I know that sometimes when there’s a big breakup or a divorce it can it can be messy, and it’s still complex, but it hasn’t caused too much of a ripple effect when it comes to our friends or anything like that,” Katie confirmed.

Because Katie and Tom’s split has been so civil, she has maintained her friendship with Ariana as they move forward with the plans for their new sandwich shop.

“I like our friendship,” Katie said. “It’s still very much the same and obviously, planning our sandwich shop, that’s made our friendship thicker and more rich in that sense because we’re going into business. That’s bigger than just hanging out for sure.”

Since splitting from Tom, Katie has been spending time with her friends. And in recent days, she has been enjoying the company of former Pump Rules castmate Dayna.

Throughout their weekend together, Katie and Dayna shared a series of photos of both themselves and each other on their Instagram Stories, including pics from a night out at a DirecTV event and a pool outing.

Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan Attend Coachella 2022 Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan Attend Coachella

Also on social media, Pump Rules friend Logan Noh, the former roommate of James Kennedy, who Lala claimed he hooked up with, shared a video of himself, Katie, and Dayna.

Vanderpump Rules season 10 has not yet been confirmed by Bravo.