Attorney Accuses Erika Jayne of Being Dishonest on RHOBH Premiere Episode Over Claims About $25 Million, See Clip, Plus CA Bar Investigates Tom Girardi’s Influential Connections

by Lindsay Cronin
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Attorney Slams Erika Jayne for Being "Blatantly Misleading" by Saying Claims of Having Held $25 Million of Tom's Former Client's Money Were "Disproven" on RHOBH

Erika Jayne was seen telling Garcelle Beauvais that a number of claims against her have been “disproven,” and she was also seen getting mouthy with a producer who wanted to know where evidence of this was located in a recently-shared sneak peek at the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And shortly after the clip was posted, attorney Ronald Richards weighed in.

After Erika suggested she was never in possession of the millions owed to orphans and widows of the Lion Air plane crash in 2018, and she noted that a bankruptcy trustee had collaborated her claims, Ronald took to his Twitter page to refute her claims as “blatantly misleading.”

“This statement by [Erika Jayne] is blatantly misleading,” Ronald tweeted on May 9. “$25,000,000 was paid from Girardi & Keese and was never paid back. All the money was spent on Erika’s personal expenses. She then improperly deducted it from her joint tax returns as expenses. It was for only [for] her benefit.”

Ronald Richards Refutes Erika Jayne's Claim That Money Owed Has Been Disproven on RHOBH

Ronald then responded to a fan who said that Erika had told Garcelle that Sutton Stracke had “made a lot of trouble for her,” even though much of what she had said had supposedly been proven to be false.

“Can you verify if this is true?” the fan asked the attorney.

“What does disproven me? She owes the money,” Ronald replied.

Ronald Richards Claims Erika Jayne Owes $20 Million Amid Disproven Claims on RHOBH

Ronald then shared a link to a 50-page document about payments made to American Express for Erika and her LLC.

“Here is a link to 50 pages of insider pymts to American Exp. for Erika Girardi-EJ Global LLC. The proposed Edelson PC complaint traces the $$$ from client settlements including the Boeing victims to pay for her expenses. EJ is not being truthful on [RHOBH],” he wrote with the link.

In the RHOBH sneak peek in question, Erika and Garcelle were seen having a one-on-one discussion about Erika’s legal drama.

“Sutton chose to repeat things and say things that have been disproven now. There was never 20-whatever-million dollars in my LLC. I’ll never get away from widows and orphans even though it’s not true. I never had it. It was never in my hands. It was never in my account. The bankruptcy trustee says, ‘Erika Girardi never touched the Lion Air money,’” Erika told her castmate.

But Garcelle was less than convinced, saying in a confessional, “Other than Erika saying that they’ve been disproven, I’ve seen nothing, not in the paper, not in the blogs, nowhere. If this is true, why isn’t it in the press? … I think Erika’s hopeful and because she’s hopeful, she might be jumping to the gun before we really know the truth. So I think Erika’s just, denial.”

“The facts are in my favor. I didn’t touch any of this sh-t. And when someone is repeatedly saying things… She led the charge. Sutton spoke very strongly on things that have, by the way, been disproven,” Erika continued in the scene.

And in her own confessional, Erika was met with a producer, who asked, “How and when was this disproven?”

“You’ll have to go check that sh-t out but it was disproven early so Bravo can do their due diligence. I don’t really know.”

Then, when the producer asked if the information was available “to the public,” Erika said, “Yeah, duh.”

“Tell them to go f-cking read everything that my lawyer’s put out and that they can answer their own f-cking questions. Thank you,” she added of Bravo.

In other news, Ronald revealed that the California State Bar is investigating Thomas Girardi‘s influential connections and the way in which they may have potentially allowed him to commit crimes against his former clients.

“Breaking: Stipulation in the Girardi Keese bankruptcy reveals the CA State Bar has retained a private law firm to investigate whether Tom Girardi’s connections influenced the complaint process as it related to himself and his firm,” he announced.

RHOBH Thomas Girardi Investigated by CA State Bar Over Influential Connections

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 premieres Wednesday at 8/7c on Bravo.