Sutton Stracke’s Daughter Porter’s Ex-BFF Accuses RHOBH Star of “Racist” Behavior in Shocking TikTok, See Pic as Sutton Speaks and Rinna Reacts

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Sutton Stracke’s Daughter Porter's Ex-BFF Accuses RHOBH Star of "Racist" Behavior in Shocking TikTok, See Pic as Sutton Speaks and Rinna Jokes About Involvement

Sutton Stracke is under fire on social media.

After mentioning the diverse pool parties her daughter, Porter Stracke, had with her friends years ago during a chat about race with Crystal Kung-Minkoff on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sutton is being accused of acting “racist” toward a woman named Elissa, who claims to be Porter’s former high school best friend.

In a video shared to her private TikTok page, Elissa made her shocking claims against the RHOBH cast member with a caption that read, “Me when I cut off my [high school] bff of [five] years [because] her mom was racist to me and now she’s a real housewife getting called out for being racist and her response is ‘my white daughter had a Chinese friend’ on TV.”

She also said in her post, which Jay’s Reality Blog shared on Twitter, “I’m not Chinese.”

RHOBH Sutton Stracke Accused of Racist Behavior by Porter's Ex-BFF Elissa

Jay’s Reality Blog also shared an image of Porter and Elissa together, confirming that the woman was, in fact, a friend of Sutton’s daughter.

Porter Stracke's BFF Who Accused RHOBH Star of Racism

Following the sharing of the post, a number of Twitter users weighed in, some of whom felt the woman was simply looking for clout and others who were more critical of Sutton.

“She deleted it because she’s gonna get hit with a defamation lawsuit cause she’s reaching for clout,” one person said.

“Were there specifics? You make an accusation, back it up,” another advised.

Meanwhile, a third said, “My gut says it’s true.”

As for Sutton, she addressed the claims after being confronted on Instagram.

“What do you think of your [daughter’s] friend coming out and saying you’re a racist? OBVIOUSLY, that’s not true at all. This picture [they’re] painting of you because you’re from the south is not okay. We all know your heart Sutton,” the fan had written.

“The truth always prevails,” Sutton replied, along with a kissing cat emoji.

RHOBH Sutton Stracke Says the Truth Prevails Amid Racism Rumors

Then, amid her own drama with Kathy Hilton, who was accused of using a slur during their cast trip in Aspen, Lisa Rinna suggested she was pleased with the swirling rumors by sharing a photo of Lisa Vanderpump smoking before giving a nod to rumors claiming she hired someone to slander Kathy by joking that she hired Elissa as well.

“I hired them all I am the mastermind behind everything blame it on me yay!!!!! Spell my name right and pronounce it right that’s all I ask,” she wrote to an Instagram fan who suggested the timing was “suspect.”

RHOBH Lisa Rinna Jokes She Hired Woman to Accuse Sutton Stracke of Racism

After Crystal, the first Asian cast member of RHOBH, suggested that Sutton made “dark” comments during their season 11 conversation about race, she seemingly confirmed on last week’s show that the comments she was referring to were those that Sutton made about her daughter’s pool parties. However, during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live after the episode aired, Crystal hinted there was much more to the story when it came to Sutton’s “problematic” behavior.

“She and I know what was said and we’ve spoken at length about it and she has apologized to me privately and publicly… because that conversation was a lengthy one and I’m choosing, and I chose back then, to believe her in her apology and to move forward,” Crystal explained. “That’s who I am and that’s what I want to do and I believe her apology.”

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