Kim Richards Admits She “Cried” Over Kathy and Kyle’s RHOBH Drama, But Suggests Feud Could Be “Fake”

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Kim Richards Admits She "Cried" Over Kathy and Kyle's RHOBH Drama, Says It "Hurts" That Sisters Are "Not Doing Well" Before Admitting Feud Could Be "Fake"

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Kim Richards made an odd comment about sisters Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards‘ feud on the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while attending Kathy’s screening of the July 20 episode.

After first admitting that she has “cried” over the tension between Kathy and Kyle, saying that she is extremely hurt by the drama that is expected to be seen soon on the Bravo reality show, Kim said that she just wants her sisters to get along but noted that their rift could be “fake.”

“I have heard that it [the relationship between Kathy and Kyle on this season of RHOBH] hasn’t gone as well,” Kim said during a July 20 interview with Access Hollywood.

According to Kim, she was disheartened to learn that her sisters weren’t getting along amid season 12.

“I think if anything it has made me sad,” she shared. “I’ve cried a little bit over it. I don’t watch the show right now. I don’t watch TV. To hear that they are not doing well, it hurts me. It brings back memories for myself.”

As RHOBH fans well know, Kim is no stranger to sisterly spats.

“More than anything, I want us all to love each other. You can’t force things but I want it to be wonderful,” Kim continued.

Kim went on to say that when it comes to taking sides, she does no such thing with her sisters.

“I don’t really think there would be a side because I love them both. I truly love both my sisters so much. I have different relationships with each of them,” she explained, adding that she doesn’t know what Kathy and Kyle’s drama is about.

“Neither one have really told me… I am just hurt by it. I want them to get along,” she stated, before teasing, “I don’t know. This could be fake too!”

Also during the July 20 RHOBH screening, Kathy offered an update on her relationship with Kyle following their on-screen tension, saying that although she did say “some things that I should not have said,” they are currently in a “great” place.

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