Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Accused of Being “Abusive” to Taylor After He Insults Her Which Leaves Her in Tears as Costars React

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Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Accused of Being “Abusive” to Taylor After He Insults Her Which Leaves Her in Tears as Costars React

Shep Rose came under fire on Thursday night’s episode of Southern Charm due to his treatment of then-girlfriend Taylor Ann Green.

While enjoying some outdoor games with his co-stars, including egg toss, Shep got upset with Taylor for stomping on an egg he had dropped, calling her a “f-cking idiot” and prompting immediate backlash from Olivia Flowers, who threw an egg at him, and Naomie Olindo.

“He can’t talk to you like that,” Naomie told Taylor, via PEOPLE. “That is insane. That is, like, abusive as f-ck.”

But that didn’t deter Shep, who proceeded to yell, “The wussification of America continues,” as the ladies, including a teary-eyed Taylor, headed inside.

“If he truly loved you, he wouldn’t be putting you in this situation,” Naomie continued.

Sadly, Taylor admitted that she didn’t think all that much of Shep’s diss because she’d grown accustomed to hearing that kind of language out of her then-boyfriend.

“I’m not trying to be a fixer, but I do care a whole hell of a lot about that person,” Taylor explained. “I’m like exhausted.”

Later, as the group played a game of basketball, Shep’s cousin, Marcie Hobbs, encouraged him to apologize, but he refused, telling her, “I’ll never say, ‘I’m sorry.'” However, after speaking to Craig Conover, he had a change of heart.

“I’m a better person when I’m with you and I know that, I’m not a fool,” Shep insisted to Taylor. “And if I’m not good enough, okay, I will be sad and brokenhearted, but I’ll understand because you know how much of a f-cking idiot I am.”

“I love you so much, my family loves you immensely, but I am exhausted,” Taylor replied.

Then, when Shep questioned Taylor about how he could make things right with her and move forward, Taylor had a simple request of her now-ex: “Put your ego aside and be kind to people.”

“That’s completely fair,” Shep agreed.

Amid the couple’s drama, their Southern Charm castmates opened up about Shep’s behavior in confessionals, with Austen Kroll saying he’d seen Shep “be rude” to Taylor “a few times” in the past.

“It doesn’t sit well and it shouldn’t sit well with Taylor either,” he explained, via Us Weekly, as Craig admitted he was “disappointed.”

“I’ve never seen him talk to Taylor like that,” Craig noted. “I’ve seen him talk to other people like that but not his girlfriend. It’s just bad.”

And as for Marcie, she told cameras, “I’ve known Shep all my life and he’s just always been like that. He has tantrums. He cusses at his mom. He knows better, because he was raised better.”

Shep and Taylor called it quits in July after two years of dating.

Southern Charm season eight airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.