RHOM Star Lisa Hochstein Wants Court to Invalidate $1.9 Million Prenup and Ban Lenny’s Girlfriend From Kids Amid Ongoing Divorce

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RHOM Star Lisa Hochstein Wants Court to Invalidate $1.9 Million Prenup and Ban Lenny's Girlfriend From Kids Amid Ongoing Divorce

The messy divorce battle between The Real Housewives of Miami stars Lisa Hochstein, and Lenny Hochstein rages on as Lisa is now calling their prenup into question.

Just weeks after accusing Lenny of trying to “financially strangle” her, and after Lenny’s new girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, filed a restraining order accusing Lisa of harassment, Lisa is now asking a judge to invalidate the $1.9 million prenup she signed when she married Lenny in 2009.

According to a new report by The Sun, Lisa, 40, is arguing that the prenuptial agreement which “provides for $1.9million dollars as a total alimony sum to be paid by Husband to Wife,” isn’t valid because the financial disclosure, Lenny, 56, provided during that time wasn’t accurate.

“The Husband had a duty to provide the Wife with fair and reasonable financial disclosure in connection with the execution of the Prenuptial Agreement… Upon information and belief, the Husband’s financial disclosure was incomplete, lacking accuracy, included known false statements of fact, and was intended to mislead the Wife,” Lisa alleges in court documents.

Lisa also argues that she would have never signed such a prenup if not for Lenny’s alleged fraud.


“The Husband’s fraud prevented the Wife from being able to properly negotiate the Agreement and caused her financial injury. The Husband should not be entitled to benefit from his fraud,” she claims in court docs.

Meanwhile, the battle over the exes’ $52 million mansion, on Star Island, remains in contention as Lisa refuses to leave even though the prenup “requires Wife to move or relocate from Husband’s separate and non-marital residential property, within thirty (30) days of the filing of the dissolution action.”

Lenny is asking the court to “enter an Order that establishes a date certain the Wife will vacate the residence in accordance with the Prenuptial Agreement” as he references their prenup, which states wife will “vacate the Marital Home then occupied by the parties within thirty (30) days” of a divorce filing.

Lenny states he has vacated the home and wants Lisa to do the same.

Lisa also wants Lenny’s girlfriend Katharina to be banned from having any contact with her two children with the successful plastic surgeon.

“The husband has exposed the minor children to his presumed girlfriend which is detrimental to the best interests of minor children,” Lisa states in court docs. “The husband’s presumed girlfriend, upon information and belief, has acted and continues to act in a manner that would be seen as injurious to the minor children, should she have any contact of access to the minor children at this time.”

Lisa, who reveals she is currently not dating anyone as she remains “loyal” to Lenny, also wants the court to establish a temporary parenting plan that will include “safeguards and parameters,” exclusive possession of the marital residence, and for Lenny to pay her legal fees.

The court has yet to rule.