RHOC’s Meghan King Claims Ex Cuffe Owens Pushed for Marriage, Reveals Biden’s Wedding Gift, and Shades Jim’s Wedding to Wife Kortnie, Plus Talks Fear After Restraining Order is Dropped

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RHOC's Meghan King on Marriage, Ex Cuffe, President Biden's Wedding Gift, and Jim's "Inconceivable" Spending on Wife Kortnie, Plus Talks Fear After Restraining Order is Dropped

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Meghan King is opening up about her short-lived and recently-annulled marriage to third husband Cuffe Owens.

Just under a year after the Real Housewives of Orange County alum married Cuffe after a mere three weeks of dating and split two months later, Meghan is admitting that rushing down the aisle for a third time wasn’t something she wanted to do.

“I didn’t wanna rush into it at all. It was not me. That was all him,” Meghan told Us Weekly on September 28. “I never even wanted to get married again, but, like, I have such a big heart and I just want my partner to be happy and I know what it’s like to go into a relationship that already has a family.”

As RHOC fans well know, Meghan shares three kids with her second husband, Jim Edmonds, including five-year-old daughter Aspen and four-year-old twins Hayes and Hart. And when they wed in 2014, he already had four additional children with his first two wives.

“So I know what it feels like to want to be a part of that unit,” Meghan explained. “[And] the wedding day was great. It was so much fun, intimate and his family’s wonderful. I mean, I don’t have a bad thing to say about the Bidens at all. They were so warm and normal and welcoming, and they felt like family.”

Amid the “tiny wedding,” Meghan received a special gift from President Joe Biden, who she said spoke to Aspen amid the October 2021 event.

“He gave me a crystal bowl, like, with the presidential seal,” she shared, noting that she still has the item. “And Kamala Harris wrote me a note.”

“But it was weird because there was secret service everywhere and there were snipers, like, around too,” she continued. “The craziest moment for me, was when my daughter said, ‘Mommy, what are those guys doing?’ And there were two snipers with these, like, massive guns, like, walking because the president was getting ready to leave.”

Less than a year after saying, “I do,” Meghan confirmed that she and Cuffe “don’t communicate.” She noted that their estrangement is “a gift,” especially considering the “complete roller-coaster” she’s on with Jim.

Although things between Meghan and Jim have been extremely contentious in the years since their 2019 split, Meghan said she’s “celebrating” the news of Jim’s wedding to Kortnie O’Connor, claiming their relationship provides her kids with “stability.”

“He’s spending massive, whopping, inconceivable amounts of money on his bride. Like, I am all for it, whatever it takes. Keep her around,” Meghan revealed, also to Us Weekly. “Take her on lavish trips, buy her a Ferrari and Chanel [purses] and private jets. Do anything you can to keep this woman because I don’t know what would happen if she was gone. Like, he would fall apart.”

“[Kortnie] is who my children have known for the last three years. And that stability is really important. I haven’t been able to give them that stability and a partner, which is a huge piece of mom guilt for me,” she went on. “But at least Jim — with his mountain of faults — is able to provide that. I’m gonna give him props where props are due.”

As for the restraining order she requested against Jim in June, Meghan confirmed it’s been dropped.

“But we entered into a consent order that keeps the same terms as the restraining order. So it wasn’t dropped due to a lack of fear,” she noted. “It was dropped because it just changed… [And] because of that, I feel safe.”

“Ever since I got the [temporary restraining order] things have pretty much been better. Plus, he’s in Italy right now, so he’s totally leaving me alone. It’s, like, his wedding day was also the best day of my life,” she added.

Also during the interview, Meghan confirmed she’s making a return to reality TV in Reality of Love with celebrity relationship coach Nicole Moore.

“Nicole and I have worked together on and off over the past few years, and she’s really helped me in my love life and helped me to work through some things that I’ve been through in my romantic life and, like, try to come out on the other side of it a more whole individual,” King explained.

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