Kyle Richards Talks “Struggling” to Choose Amid Rinna’s Feud With Kathy Hilton, Says It Puts Her in “Bad Position” as Erika Shades Kathy for “Running Away,” Plus RHOBH Reunion Live Viewing

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHOBH's Kyle Richards Talks Feeling Resentful Amid Rinna's Feud With Kathy, Says She's Still "Struggling" to Choose as Erika Shades Kathy for "Running Away" After FinaleKyle Richards found herself in a “very difficult position” as the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came to an end last Wednesday.

After the finale episode saw absolutely no resolve between her and Kathy Hilton, who Lisa Rinna claimed berated her during a “psychotic break” in Aspen, potentially in an effort to take the heat off the legally troubled Erika Jayne, Kyle admitted that she’s still struggling to choose between her family and her friends.

“It’s really difficult because Lisa has always been a good friend to me, but then she had this argument with my sister Kathy,” Kyle said on the October 5 episode of the RHOBH: After Show. “It’s now played out on Instagram, and all over the place, and at the end of the day, family is family. So it puts me in a very bad position, and then I sort of resent that because I’m like, ‘I always had a good relationship with these people, and now it’s been jeopardized.’”

As Kyle explained, her drama with Kathy wasn’t just about the two of them. Instead, it caused issues throughout their family.

“It’s not just my sister. It’s my sisters, my nieces, my nephews, their babies, who I look at, and they are my mother’s great-grandchildren and it affects all of that. So as much as something may have upset me or hurt me, I want those people in my life,” she noted. “It just makes it complicated.”

“If you’re gonna be forced to choose, what are you gonna do?” Kyle continued. “So I’m just kind of struggling with that, to be honest.”

Then, after Dorit Kemsley said that because Kathy wasn’t present for the taping of the finale, it was hard to put the feud “to bed,” and Erika agreed, Erika proceeded to shade Kathy for failing to attend the taping of the RHOBH finale.

“I showed up at the worst time of my life and took those questions head-on. I don’t think that anything that has happened here in this season is worthy of running away from,” Erika pointed out. “Come on down, confront it, let’s hash it out, let’s talk about it.”

Also on the RHOBH: After Show, other cast members weighed in.

“I think Kyle just feels, obviously Kathy is her sister, but she then she also feels, I think, a kinship with the girls. So she’s really in a tough place,” Garcelle Beauvais admitted. “I think it was really tough for Kyle.”

And after noting that a lot of the issues viewers see play out on the show feel “kind of frivolous,” Crystal Kung-Minkoff agreed that the added layer of family makes things “tough.”

“Family is such a big one for me and I know that Kyle and that group is very strong together. I understand all sides. I see it all and I’m so happy not to be a part of that because I wouldn’t want to be involved,” she said.

“We have this bond, all of us, we don’t want our families to get hurt. We don’t want that to happen,” added Sutton Stracke.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 reunion begins airing Wednesday, October 12, at 8/7c on Bravo.

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