RHOBH Finale Recap: Kyle Accuses Erika’s Publicist of Leaking Kathy Meltdown to Press; Suspects Erika and Rinna Are Dragging Down Kathy to Deflect From Erika’s Issues

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RHOBH Finale Recap: Kyle Accuses Erika's Publicist of Leaking Kathy Meltdown to Press; Suspects Erika and Rinna Are Dragging Down Kathy to Deflect From Erika's Issues

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On this RHOBH recap of the season 12 finale episode, Kyle Richards accuses Erika Jayne’s publicist of leaking the stories about Kathy Hilton’s meltdown to the press and shares how she found out, as both Kyle and Garcelle Beauvais suspect Erika and Lisa Rinna plotted this takedown of Kathy in order to distract from Erika’s legal issues. Whoa!

But first, during this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit experienced a home invasion, Rinna lost her mother, Erika made it crystal clear she cares ONLY about herself — don’t even say the word “victim” to her — and Rinna is experiencing PTSD after a supposed “psychotic break” by Kathy. And somehow, the season is supposed to be wrapped up in a nice little bow on this finale episode…

Garcelle is throwing a PARTY — a Birkins and Bubbles party. She is one of the only Housewives who does not own a Birkin bag, but she thought it would be fun to get all the ladies together and ogle the beauty of the bags.

In the meantime, Kyle is prepping for her black-tie Princess Grace Foundation, named after Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco. The big draw is that the women will be borrowing millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds, and Kyle’s backyard looks exquisite. She hurries off so as not to be late to Garcelle’s party.

Sheree is the first to arrive to Garcelle’s event, and next comes Rinna in her go-go boots and micro-mini dress (wonder if she rented that thing, too!). Kyle feels awkward since it’s the first time she is seeing Rinna since the messy sit-down she had with her and Kathy. The bad influences talk Garcelle into purchasing a $14,000 bag, and all seems ok… for now.

Kyle shares with Garcelle that Kathy apologized to her, but it appears as though Garcelle is in the dark about the whole Kathy episode in Aspen. Kyle lets Garcelle know that Rinna suggested Kathy get help after her late-night rant, even though Kathy said she was sorry. Garcelle, the wise one, thinks that Rinna should butt out of the sisters’ fight, it’s natural. Kyle is aware that if this fighting continues between her and Kathy, she will be losing more than just a sister since she is close to her nieces and nephews as well.

When Garcelle asks Rinna how she thought Kathy’s apology went, Rinna claims, “It was a good thing overall.” Rinna just WON’T STOP and recounts how she locked herself in the bedroom because she was SOOOO scared of Kathy during her rant. Kyle refers to Rinna as a “dog with a bone” since she keeps stating she was “shook” about the events. Kyle tells Rinna she feels uncomfortable and lets her know that she HAS to move on. Rinna repeats that she hopes Kathy “gets the help” she needs and she isn’t taking Kyle’s cues to let it GO.

It’s time for Kyle’s event, and the ladies are getting DECKED. The foundation is partnered up with a jeweler, and Kyle believes that the more glamorous the party looks, the more money people will spend. Amazing. The ladies are going to be donning so much borrowed bling, but of COURSE, Diana is not.  She is better than borrowing!

On the way to the party, Rinna and Erika share a car. Rinna tells Erika that Kathy’s lawyers are trying to kill the Kathy story that has now been leaked to the press and claims it is a “known fact” that something is going on. Rinna believes that Kathy is trying to silence her and thinks that Kathy’s behavior is “disgusting.” Lol! She reminds Erika that she is, in fact, still “shook” by it all, and even Erika groans when she hears this again.

Kyle shares that Kathy is out of town and will not be attending her event — she is “not NOT here for any reason.” She better tell that to Rinna, who is ready to sink her teeth into Kathy some more even though she ALREADY APOLOGIZED.

Kyle talks with Crystal and voices her concerns. She is certain that Erika and Rinna are the ones who are the most upset about Kathy in Aspen, and Crystal wonders what the women would get from dragging this out.  Kyle tells Crystal, “You don’t get to decide what apologies are acceptable,” and she’s “the one who is gonna be hurt in the end.” Kyle hopes that this can just be dropped for once and for all and they can just enjoy the evening.

Erika is already boozing even though she is not supposed to be having anything (great!). After a brief introduction, the party moves to a beautiful sit-down dinner. Kyle leans over to talk to Garcelle about Kathy. Garcelle tells Kyle that Kathy is p*ssed.  People are “running with a story that doesn’t make her look good.” Garcelle makes it clear that if Erika and Rinna really cared about Kyle, they would drop it, and she believes it is just a way to distract from Erika. WOW. Garcelle is saying what many of us suspected. Kyle states, “I feel like an opportunity has been taken advantage of,” and it’s just too much. Looks like they are finally catching onto the game.

Garcelle ponders why Kathy apologized to Rinna and promises to get to the bottom of the drama. Garcelle dives right in and wants to know what Rinna was so offended about by Kathy. Garcelle asks Rinna and Erika straight up why they won’t let the Kathy thing go, and a defensive Rinna demands to know why Garcelle has an attitude. #Deflection101.

Garcelle is not afraid of Rinna and Erika. She believes that they are gunning for Kathy, and a bonus is that no one is talking about Erika now. Convenient. Rinna tells Kyle, “You can’t just sweep this under the carpet and go that didn’t happen.” Um, yes you can, Rinna. Rinna thinks that this is SO bad that if she doesn’t share what she knows she will get sick and die. “She was saying things that would ruin peoples’ lives,” and Rinna dramatically goes on about reminding them that she is *protecting* all of her friends since she is only who TRULY knows what happened in that Aspen house.

One can only imagine how traumatized Rinna would be if Kathy was fighting to keep $750,000 earrings that were purchased with money reportedly stolen from victims… and continued to appeal even after a judge ruled against her keeping the jewelry. Oh the horror! #ClutchesPearls

Erika wants Kathy to be called out for her bad behavior, and Kyle reminds her that by carrying on about this, they are punishing her… Indeed they are. Sutton stresses that Erika and Rinna should just let the sisters take care of the issues. Kyle excuses herself to talk with Dorit. She tells Dorit that she was told who the leak was, and she shares that it is someone in the group.

Sutton asks Rinna and Erika point blank if either one of them leaked information to the press as the show features a headline from Reality Blurb. Naturally, they both deny it, but Kyle lets Erika know that Kathy held an investigation, and it turns out that Erika’s publicist was the one who had leaked the stories, which allegedly included some false information. Wowzers!

Reality Blurb featured on RHOBH Season 12 Finale

A Reality Blurb headline is featured on the RHOBH Season 12 Finale

Erika tells Kyle to “show” her “what you have” and keeps a poker face throughout. Erika finds it “convenient” for Kyle to accuse her publicist of the leak and believes that Kyle is simply afraid of Kathy, which is why she is putting the blame back on Erika. Erika and Rinna go back and forth, and their nonstop talking only implicates them further. They’re not even doing a good job at pretending to be innocent.

Rinna scoffs at Kyle’s accusation and calls it “unf*ckingbelievable” that Kyle would cover for Kathy this way. Erika claims she is “having a hard time with this conversation” since her behavior is constantly up for discussion even though she didn’t actually do anything wrong. Rinna calls this distraction storyline a “really dangerous game” that is being played. Erika suggests that perhaps an enemy of Kathy’s is doing the leaking, since after all, “Nobody takes the distraction off of Erika.” LOL.

The mean girls make their exit, and Erika reminds Kyle to “give me whatever you have” about the publicist.

As the episode wraps, we learn that Dorit is still working to overcome the trauma of her home invasion.

Crystal has since adopted a puppy and is bettering herself and her eating disorder, taking one step at a time toward her recovery.

Diana had another miscarriage in May but is still hoping for another baby in her future.

Sutton is dating and knows that she will always say things that get her in trouble.

Garcelle came out with her new memoir, and although Erika threw it in the trash, she is proud of being true to herself.

Erika is STILL trying to win back the 1.3-million-dollar earrings but is hoping to get back on solid ground after winning another legal battle.

Rinna continues to honor her late mother and wishes to fill her huge shoes for her own family.

Kathy is MIA, and no one is sure if she will actually attend Kyle’s daughter’s wedding.

And in the end, it is clear that lines are drawn, this group is fractured, and things may never be the same again.