RHOBH’s Crystal Kung-Minkoff Says Erika Should Return $750K Earrings Purchased by Tom’s Law Firm as Garcelle Calls Her “Ridiculous” for Holding Onto “Bad Karma”

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHOBH's Crystal Kung-Minkoff Says Erika Should Return $750k Earrings Purchased by Thomas' Law Firm as Garcelle Calls Her "Ridiculous" for Holding Onto "Bad Karma"

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Crystal Kung-Minkoff shared her thoughts on Erika Jayne‘s hesitancy to turn over a pair of $750,000 earrings after an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After Garcelle Beauvais recalled talking about jewelry, which Erika has since begrudgingly turned over, saying that the court wanted her to turn them into escrow to help repay her estranged husband Thomas Girardi‘s many fraud victims, Crystal said that turning over the earrings should’ve been a “very simple” decision for her castmate.

“It was reported that the earrings were bought by, there was receipts, that it was charged to the law firm,” Crystal stated on the August 31 episode of the RHOBH: After Show.

And while Crystal admitted that there was “of course” the possibility of someone having forgotten their credit card at the store, and later replenishing the bank account, which belonged to Thomas’ former law firm, Girardi Keese, she’d never been dealt with such a scenario in her own life.

“I have never been bought anything from a business account, let alone a $750,000 pair of diamond earrings so when I heard that, to me, taking away all the underlying legality, all the stuff that surrounds it, to me, it seemed like a very simple, like these little two things can help resolve for a handful of people,” Crystal explained. “Like, [they are] such an easy thing to give up.”

Crystal went on to note that although Erika likely couldn’t simply hand her earrings to the victims in an effort to right the wrongs they’ve been dealt by her former spouse, she would never want something with such a stigma tied to it on her own body — or in her possession at all.

“You can’t just hand these things to these people, but I would not want that on my body, in my hands, in my home, I would not want that, knowing that,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Garcelle said she found Erika’s former refusal to hand over the earrings downright “ridiculous.”

“It just seemed ridiculous. That would be a no-brainer. Give over these earrings. You have other jewelry,” she stated. “Do you really want to hold on to these sort of bad karma earrings if you know you can help other people? It just seemed a little… not in touch.”

As RHOBH fans may recall, Garcelle previously slammed Erika for failing to turn in the earrings on The Real.

“If I was in Erika’s shoes… I would give up the diamonds quickly,” she said during a January episode. “There’s so much more she could do — even if she’s not guilty of knowing everything that Tom was doing.”

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