RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Reveals the “Damaging” Lie Told About Kathy Hilton, Calls Feud “Consuming,” Plus What Got Her and Kathy Talking After Aspen

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RHOBH's Kyle Richards on What Got Her and Kathy Talking After Aspen, Admits "Very Damaging" Lies Were Told, and Says Feud Was "Consuming"

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton suffered a falling out amid the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 as Lisa Rinna shared details about Kathy’s meltdown in Aspen, but they didn’t stay estranged for good.

While Kyle and Kathy may not be in the best place today, at least judging by their social media postings and the social media likes of Kathy’s daughters, Paris Hilton and Nicky Rothschild, the sisters began talking again earlier this year as Kathy was faced with “damaging” rumors about her outburst.

“Kathy and I didn’t speak for a while, but then we started speaking when some of the lies were coming out,” Kyle revealed on the September 28 episode of RHOBH: After Show.

Although Kyle flew to Georgia to film Halloween Ends after her trip to Aspen, she was getting updates from her castmates about what was going on. And, ultimately, she learned that Kathy’s meltdown had made its way into the tabloids.

“I started reading lies in the tabloids. The things online that were said, that my sister said, were not said. It was directed towards me,” she confirmed, noting that one particular rumor involved Sutton Stracke‘s assistant.

It said something about, ‘Oh, when he was moving Sutton’s luggage’ … He wasn’t even in Aspen,” Kyle refuted, likely of the false report suggesting Kathy had used a slur against him.

And Sutton also confirmed, in her own RHOBH: After Show segment, that Josh “was not in Aspen.”

“He was never there so that can be squashed,” Sutton stated.

According to Kyle, who Lisa claimed Kathy threatened to “destroy,” a lot of untrue things were uttered about her sister’s meltdown.

“It’s one thing to say what really happened and another thing for people to be creating and inventing things that my sister said that can be very damaging and that actually weren’t true. So that was really stressful,” Kyle admitted. “I really had to like forget about what happened with my sister and all the ladies and put it aside and get up and do my job every day because I had dialogue to remember.”

“It was too hard for me, and I had to focus on the movie and my job there. And it was consuming me. I really had to like, put it out of my head,” she added.

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