Kim Richards Offers Update on Memoir, Shares Text She Sent Kyle and Kathy Amid Their Feud, and What it Would Take to Return to RHOBH, Plus Thoughts on RHUGT Role

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Kim Richards Offers Update on Memoir, Shares Text She Sent Kyle and Kathy Amid Their Feud, and What it Would Take to Return to RHOBH, Plus Thoughts on RHUGT Role

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Kim Richards announced she was writing a memoir in 2019 that was expected to hit shelves in 2021. But what is the status of the autobiography today?

While attending a screening of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at sister Kathy Hilton‘s Bel Air home earlier this month, Kim offered an update on her book before reacting to Kathy’s season 12 feud with sister Kyle Richards and addressing her potential return to the show.

“I was working with a private writer and she was gonna send me weekly updates, and she didn’t,” Kim explained to Entertainment Tonight. “I kept calling her and saying, ‘You’re supposed to give me [an update] every week…’ [She replied], ‘I’m busy and you’ll get them when you get them…’ and next thing I [know], there were 375 pages [written by her that I had not helped write].”

After feeling that she and her writer weren’t on the same page, and going into “survival” mode amid the pandemic, Kim pumped the brakes on the project.

“The last thing I thought I needed was to look back at my mother passing away, and [my late ex-husband] Monty leaving, my dad… Those were the most important things that I didn’t really want to look back at. I was trying to live in the now, and it was really something I just I physically couldn’t do at that point,” she admitted.

As for when she’ll return to writing, Kim said she’s not sure when or if that will happen.

“I’ve changed a lot since then, so I don’t even know that [any of] that would apply any longer,” she noted. “I don’t wanna push anything, or fake anything.”

As Kim focuses on maintaining her authenticity, she’s also staying close to her family, revealing that she recently touched base with Kathy and Kyle in an effort to make sure they were in a good place after feuding amid production on season 12.

“I just wrote to them both in a group text — our sister chat — and I just said, ‘I love you both and I don’t really know what’s going on there, but I do know that we have two of our daughters are getting married this next coming year and I’d like to see if we could find a way to resolve it and I’m here to help and I love you both,'” she recalled.

As for possibly returning to RHOBH, Kim looked back on a recent conversation she had with Andy Cohen.

“[He] did call and he said, ‘You know, we want you back,'” Kim shared. “[But] I have to think about it. There’s certain things that, you know, I would want — or I wouldn’t want — and so, I never say never, ’cause the last time I said I would never talk to a human again and it was Brandi Glanville and we became best friends!”

“Having Andy call me was big. I know it was big for him to make the call, so I didn’t want to say ‘no,’ because it wasn’t ‘no,’ it just it wasn’t the time for me,” Kim continued to E! News.

Regarding what it would take to get her back on the show, Kim said that was simple: respect.

“I came into this very respected in my business,” Kim stated. “And of course I made mistakes, but I didn’t feel respected by the people that I was working with any longer and then that wasn’t okay for me. I’ve worked hard to love and respect myself today, so if I go back, I just have to feel that respect again.”

If she does return to RHOBH, Kim will likely get to spend more time with both of her sisters, which she would love.

“I wish I could see [Kyle] more. I wish we could spend a little more time together. I spend more time with Kathy than Kyle and I do miss my sister,” she admitted.

Also during her chat with Entertainment Tonight, Kim reacted to the possibility of joining a future season of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip, saying that she was uninterested.

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