RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow Shades Jen’s Fake Bags and Businesses, Exposes Friendship With January 6th Attendee

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RHOSLC's Lisa Barlow Shades Jen's Fake Bags and Businesses, Exposes Friendship With Sara After Jen Attempts to Incite Hate Against Whitney, Plus Jen Talks Black Eye Narrative

Lisa Barlow and Jen Shah embarked on a messy Twitter feud amid Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City — even though Lisa actually has Jen blocked.

As the cast attempted to find out where Heather Gay had gotten her black eye, with many suspecting Heather may have sustained the injury amid a fight with Jen, Lisa targeted Jen’s fake bags and businesses before calling her out for attempting to incite hate against Whitey Rose with a photo of Whitney and Sara McArthur Pierce, who was at the January 6 riots at The Capitol. Sara has, however, claimed she was simply ‘peacefully protesting.’

“Lisa… unblock me so we can go. Bcuz you tweetin but having me blocked is like saying [you’re] the richest b-tch but crowd funding for your front row Jazz tickets,” Jen tweeted on December 21, along with a hashtag for “Mary was right.”

As RHOSLC fans well know, Lisa’s SEC filing, and crowdfunding for one of her companies was a hot topic on Wednesday’s show between cast members who didn’t understand her need for the money.

“That ‘Bcuz’ will always give you away on all of your fake accounts,” Lisa alleged in response. “Ahhh you’re just sad because not only were all of your bags fake but your [businesses] were too.”

“I am front row… to all of your lies. What’s next a momma joke? Go get your fake laa boutons little parting gift,” she added.

RHOSLC Jen Shah Wants Lisa Barlow to Unblock Her on Twitter

Then, after a fan asked, “How many spaces is Lisa putting after her periods???,” and called her tweet against Jen “chaos,” Lisa explained her punctuation mishaps.

“Lots because I can’t find my glasses,” Lisa replied, as seen in a screenshot shared by Queens of Bravo on Instagram.

RHOSLC Lisa Barlow Jokes About Her Use of Periods on Twitter

On Jen’s Twitter page, in addition to requesting Lisa unblock her, the RHOSLC cast member shared a photo of Whitney and Sara in retaliation for Whitney blaming her for Heather’s black eye.

“[That] was so very 1/6/21 of you. Guess you can’t hide that Insurrection spirit for long!” Jen captioned the pic.

But Lisa was quick to clap back with pics of her own.

“Oh are you talking about YOUR bestie? Look at you trying to incite hate for [Whitney Rose]. You could have been so amazing if you weren’t such a flip flop/liar. What did Heather call you… Oh yes toxic. Your tantrums are so 2021. Tell your bestie hi,” Lisa said in the caption of a group photo that featured Jen and Sara.

“I can keep them coming,” she added with a second.

RHOSLC Lisa Barlow Reacts to Jen Shah Attempting to Incite Hate to Whitney Rose

In response, Whitney weighed in with a series of bomb emoji.

RHOSLC Whitney Rose Responds to Jen Shah Trying to Expose Her Friendship With Sara McArthur Pierce

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