RHOSLC’s Meredith Marks Addresses if Jen Has Anything on Heather, Jen Shoving Lisa, and If She’s on Team Heather or Whitney, Plus Seeing Lisa’s “True Colors”

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHOSLC's Meredith Marks on Heather and Jen's Toxic Friendship, Jen Shoving Lisa, and If She's on Team Heather or Whitney, Plus Seeing Lisa's "True Colors"

Meredith Marks appeared on Wednesday’s Watch What Happens Live, where she shared her thoughts on Heather Gay‘s friendship with Jen Shah.

Before sharing her thoughts on Jen getting physical with Lisa Barlow, her potential reconciliation with Lisa, Heather’s drama with Whitney Rose, and more, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member was asked if she believes Jen has something on Heather that has led Heather to be oh-so-loyal to her.

“I don’t think she has anything on her. I think that is Heather’s wiring and I think they have… an unusual relationship,” Meredith explained on the December 14 episode of WWHL. “It’s very complicated. There are a lot of layers that I think I don’t understand to it. [And it’s] probably [toxic].”

Meredith also thinks Heather has a habit of avoiding conflict.

“I think she definitely leaves a lot when confronted. She wants to make it light and fun and is not great at addressing the issue,” Meredith shared.

During last week’s episode of RHOSLC, fans watched as Jen shoved Lisa amid their yacht day and refused to say she was a friend. But according to Meredith, she believes Jen was too intoxicated to recall the controversial moment, noting that she’s “never seen her that drunk,” and claiming Lisa also did wrong.

“She was very drunk. Obviously, she should not have pushed Lisa. [But] I think Lisa also though shouldn’t have been hanging on her when she was saying give me my space so it was a wrong on both sides to be honest,” Meredith stated.

Another controversial moment recently seen on RHOSLC involved Jen pouring a drink on the head of Angie Katsanevas after learning she’d taken the main suite in the home they were staying in while in San Diego.

“It’s not something I personally would have done,” Meredith said after being asked if it was in good fun. “[But] I have been in a lot of circumstances. You saw in Arizona we did that. In St. Tropez over the summer, I was at a beach club where everyone was doing it. So sure. I guess.”

As for Heather and Whitney’s ongoing drama, Meredith said they’re “not hearing each other.”

“I think Whitney is imparting a lot of meaning to things that Heather is saying and means for them to be taken at face value,” she explained, adding that she’s taken “Heather’s side.”

While in San Diego, Meredith was named the CEO of fun. And while she insisted she did her best, she recognized her failure.

“As far as trying, I give myself a ten. As far as succeeding, I give myself a negative 10,” she declared.

Meredith then joked that because she’s been “appointed as Ms. Gay’s counsel,” she cannot comment on how her castmate got a black eye.

Regarding her tension with Lisa, Meredith said that while she and Lisa came out of Arizona “in a very good place,” Lisa proceeded to behave in a way that was concerning.

“She made some choices after that showed her true colors were exactly what she’d shown me. So that’s where we’re at,” Meredith stated.

As she and her co-stars look ahead to Friday’s taping of the RHOSLC reunion, Meredith said she’s looking forward to “filling in” some gaps.

“I feel like there are a lot of holes and a lot of things that I dealt with… so maybe filling in some of those gaps,” she explained of her hopes.

After being asked for her thoughts on Angie K. bringing receipts for Jen’s party, Meredith said she felt Angie was being unfair to Jen — and acting out of anger.

“I felt it was below the belt because I felt it should’ve been addressed one on one and not because she got angry. If I host a party, I don’t send someone else a bill. But if I said I was opening up my home and she expected to be paid, then you would’ve think they would’ve discussed these expenses and a budget in advance,” Meredith shared.

Also on the show, Meredith responded to a fan who asked her if she felt Heather was a “flip-flopper” after seeing what she told their castmates about Jen.

“I think Heather and Jen’s friendship has a lot of layers and it’s very, very complicated and I think they both have up and down moments with each other but I do think Heather’s heart is with Jen,” she confirmed. “I think we’ve all seen that very clearly. Everybody has moments. None of us are perfect and we have moments where we get upset.”

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