Vanderpump Rules: Scheana Shay’s Mom Shares What Irks Her About Brock Davies as Brock Responds, Plus Talks Parenting Summer and Her First Impression of Brock’s Family

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Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay's Mom Shares What Irks Her About Brock Davies as Brock Responds, Plus Talks Parenting Summer and Her First Impression of Brock's Family

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Scheana Shay welcomed her mom Erika Van Olphen and husband Brock Davies to her podcast last week, and during the show, Erika explained why she and Brock have been known to butt heads.

Months after Brock admitted to feeling frustrated by Erika’s involvement, as well as the involvement of Scheana’s sister, Cortney van Olphen, in the parenting of his daughter, one-year-old Summer Moon Honey Davies, the Vanderpump Rules star questioned her mother about what irks her the most about Brock.

“I think Brock likes to push my buttons,” Erika revealed on the December 16 episode of Scheananigans.

“100 percent. He likes to push everyone’s buttons,” Scheana agreed.

But Erika insisted there was more to it, saying that Brock is argumentative even when he doesn’t need to be.

“Even if he didn’t necessarily agree or disagree on something, he would want to flip it to just kinda get something out of me,” she explained. “[He does] that with anything and everything just to try and get a rise out of me sometimes.”

“If that’s how you feel, I’m sorry. Because I feel like when I do it, I just wanna get perspective on things … [And] I think it is very healthy in families discord to have opposing perspectives,” Brock responded.

According to Erika, she and Brock disagree on certain things pertaining to the parenting of Summer. And, despite having to “bite [her] tongue a lot” and “not give [her] opinion,” Erika said she respects the fact that Summer is Scheana and Brock’s child.

“I think it’s amazing how you guys are very routined with [Summer’s schedule]. Do I think naps have to be to the minute? Absolutely not. That can kind of irk me, but I always try to respect that,” she stated, noting that special events should be an exception.

“I agree… [But] if it wasn’t for the forcing of those moments, we wouldn’t have a scheduled child,” Brock said. “We wouldn’t have a routine where she’s in a routine. Because if I left that to the wayside, there’d be more chances of her not napping at 1.”

And after Erika pressed on, saying that there is “some leeway here and there for certain situations,” Brock wondered where the line gets drawn.

As Brock continued to explain how Summer responds to her schedule and would likely do so if there were a lack thereof, Erika pointed out that she cares for Summer regularly and knows the child “as well as you guys.”

While Brock and Erika have differing opinions on certain matters, Erika made it clear that she is thankful Scheana has him in her life.

“I love Brock. I don’t think there is a better partner for you. I wouldn’t want you with anybody else, and I think Brock is the best dad for Summer. He’s a great dad,” she told Scheana.

Also, during the podcast, Erika shared her first impression of Brock’s family.

“I think they were different than… the impression I got from what Brock said,” Erika explained. “I can’t explain what I was really thinking his mom and sisters were gonna be, but when I met them, they were just — not that he ever made them sound abnormal — his mom was just, I thought his mom was just like me. I thought we had so many things in common. His sisters were just great. It’s not that Brock gave me any wild stories, but I guess just hearing about him growing up on a farm in New Zealand and then moving to Australia, I don’t know what I was expecting, but when I met them, I absolutely fell in love with the family.”

“We all got along just perfectly. It was a very pleasant surprise,” she added.

Vanderpump Rules will return for a 10th season early next year on Bravo.