PHOTOS: Erika Jayne Films RHOBH New Season as Attorney Explains Why She May Lose Appeal on $750K Earrings, and Denies Buying Jewelry for Wife

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PHOTOS: Erika Jayne Spotted Filming RHOBH as Attorney Ronald Richards Explains Why She May Lose Appeal on $750K Earrings, and Denies Buying Jewelry for Wife

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Erika Jayne and her creative director and longtime friend, Mikey Minden, were seen filming the upcoming 13th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in West Hollywood earlier this week.

As attorney Ronald Richards shared new details regarding her appeal against the sale of her diamond earrings and seemingly denied buying them for his wife, Erika and Mikey were spotted sitting at a table at a restaurant with a couple of other friends, including a dark-haired man and what appeared to be a dark-haired woman.

“Spotted: Erika Jayne filming with Mikey in West Hollywood!” the Queens of Bravo shared on Instagram on February 16, along with photos and a video taken during production.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Ronald shared a message and documents about Erika’s appeal, and why he believes the RHOBH star will not see the return of the earrings she turned over last year, which were not the original $750,000 pieces that were expected.

“Here is why Erika Girardi may lose her appeal based upon the Judge’s briefing order,” he tweeted on February 12. “[Erika Jayne]. We explain the doctrine of equitable mootness as it relates to this case. Equitable mootness requires the court to look beyond impossibility of a remedy.”

Attorney Suspects Erika Jayne Will Lose Earring Appeal

In his accompanying documents, Ronald explained that when a trustee has already sold assets, “a court may be powerless to ‘undo what has already been done.’” And as RHOBH fans may know, the trustee presiding over Erika’s estranged husband Thomas Girardi‘s bankruptcy case sold the earrings for $250,000 in December in an effort to pay back his fraud victims and creditors.

Ronald also noted that often, transactions of this kind are too “complex and difficult to unwind.”

“The changes that have taken place in connection with and since the closing of the sale are numerous and complex, which calls into question whether this appeal is equitably moot,” he stated.

But after sharing the explanation, a Twitter user mentioned the $750,000 pair.

“Makes sense to me…..but where are the other pair of earrings hiding?” they asked. “No-one doing anything about those? Just letting it slide? Haul her a– into court [and] force her to fork them over!”

“Under investigation,” Ronald confirmed.

Ronald Richards Confirms Wherabouts of $750k Earrings is Under Investigation

Also on Twitter, after sharing a message regarding Erika’s appeal against the ruling on her diamond earrings, Ronald was met with a fan who claimed Ronald’s wife, Lauren Boyette Richards, claimed he purchased the jewelry for her as she shared a photo of herself wearing the bling on Instagram.

“She actually never posted a picture saying ‘I bought them for her,'” Ronald clarified. “She posted things are on own page which we do not regulate or comment on but she never posted that quote or anything like that.”

Ronald Richards Kind of Denies Buying Wife Erika Jayne's Earrings

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year.