Stassi Schroeder Lashes Out at Tom and Raquel Over “Evil” Affair, Mentions ‘Miami Girl’ & Real Reason She Didn’t Like Tom, Plus Talks ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Editing

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Stassi Schroeder Lashes Out at "Evil" Sandoval and Raquel Amid Affair and Wonders How Ariana Will Get Over Betrayal and Talks 'Editing

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Stassi Schroeder took aim at Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss on the latest episode of her podcast.

Following the news of their alleged months-long affair, which took place behind the back of Ariana Madix, his girlfriend of nine years and her close friend, the Vanderpump Rules alum slammed the reported couple as “evil” and “cruel” as she wondered how Ariana will recover from the traumatic betrayal.

“Everything I thought I knew about everything, my world has been shaken. I don’t know my own name anymore. My unborn baby is feeling this, okay? My unborn baby is f-cking stressed,” Stassi admitted in a series of clips from the March 8 episode of Straight Up With Stassi shared by a Pump Rules fan page on Instagram.

“It’s all so evil. Seven months? Doing this for seven months behind someone who you consider your best friend?” she continued. “She just did podcast episodes in New York on Wednesday, the day that Ariana found all this out, talking about how Ariana is one of her true, real friends, how Ariana is one of the only people that welcomed her. Knowing what she’s been doing for over half a year and to be able to lie like that, to just, it’s an evil that I haven’t met before, with both her and Tom.”

“It’s all cruel. It’s so in plain sight,” Stassi added.

Then, after noting that the scandal made her realize that the claims about Sandoval and “Miami girl” were “true,” Stassi denied that the love triangle was created for Pump Rules cameras.

“They’re not making sh-t up for storylines. I know for a fact that Tom Sandoval would never go through with something that made him look bad just to keep the show going,” she explained. “[He] spent 10 years convincing everyone that he was the good guy, which always just drove me crazy cuz like, I saw through that, and that’s why I fought with him. [And] that’s probably why he didn’t like me and he spent those 10 years trying to convince everyone that I was a monster.”

Although Sandoval targeted Stassi throughout her time on the show, Stassi said it is he who’s the monster.

“You have to be a new level of evil to do this to someone who has been nothing but a wonderful partner to you,” she noted.

Looking back at ex-boyfriend Jax Taylor‘s affair with friend Kristen Doute, Stassi admitted the betrayal launched her “dark passenger persona” that wouldn’t allow her to trust anyone — and even prompted her to act out against husband Beau Clark.

“[I] would go nuts on Beau if he stayed out later than me because I knew what had happened to me and if one of my closest friends, one of my best friends at the time can do that to me, then anyone can do that to me. It took me so long to get over that that I don’t know how Ariana is ever going to get over this,” she reasoned. “Not only can someone who she’s trusted for 10 years do that to her but then one of her best friends, who she’s taken her under her wing and been so close to, can do this to her.”

“How does she get over that?” she asked.

Stassi went on to say that now that she knows what allegedly went down between Sandoval and Ariana, “it makes so much sense.”

“She didn’t give a f-ck. She was in love with Tom Sandoval and hooking up with him the whole time behind Ariana’s back! Like what the f-ck? Also, while she was sleeping in the other room? Like, can you try to be original?” she asked, signaling to Jax and Kristen’s hookup.

Also on Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi said that like most reality shows that are faced with scandal, the remaining episodes of Pump Rules season 10 will likely be re-edited.

“They’re gonna go looking for footage that they might’ve missed. They might have footage or like, microphone audio of somebody talking about this that they didn’t catch because that’s not what they were focused on,” she explained. “It’s like, ‘Oh sh-t.’ We must’ve missed some things. Let’s go back and show the real story that we might’ve missed.'”

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