Lala Kent Gives Ariana Update, Talks Scheana Assault Claim, Raquel’s Cease and Desist, and Admits She “Never Liked” Sandoval or Raquel

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Lala Kent Gives Ariana Update, Admits She "Never Liked" Sandoval or Raquel, and Talks Scheana's Assault Claim, Plus Raquel's Cease and Desist

Credit: MEGA, Instagram

Lala Kent opened up about the Vanderpump Rules cheating scandal involving Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and Raquel Leviss during a recent live appearance.

As producers continue to film scenes of the fallout for the remaining episodes of season 10, which most recently led to Raquel filing a restraining order against Scheana Shay, Lala offered updates on how Ariana and Scheana have been handling the betrayal, reacted to Sandoval and Raquel’s current status, and responded to a legal letter she received from Raquel’s attorney.

“Ariana is moving with the motion of the ocean,” Lala revealed during a recent appearance on Amazon Live. “She’s got a really great support team behind her. I know that there’s, like, a group chat with people who are saying, like, who’s coming and going and at what times.”

While Lala said she checks in with Ariana, she acknowledged that the two of them “haven’t been super close for a while” before sharing that Scheana, who was reportedly with Raquel when Ariana confronted her about her alleged affair with Sandoval on the phone, has been “going through it.”

“It’s very hard when you trust people like that, and you start thinking about people differently,” she explained.

As for Sandoval and Raquel, Lala said she has “no idea” how Raquel has been handling the scandal because she “never liked either of [them]” and finds their behavior “disgusting.”

“[Raquel] obviously hasn’t reached out to me or anyone on my side, because I was never friends with her. I don’t know if she’s reached out to anyone else,” Lala revealed.

And although Scheana and Katie Maloney were at odds prior to the scandal breaking, Lala confirmed the women are back in touch as they rally around their mutual friend.

“Anybody who had differences. Everything is put into the background for the moment,” she stated.

As the Pump Rules cast supports Ariana, Sandoval and Raquel are said to be continuing their relationship with plans for a potential future. Meanwhile, Lala pointed out, “I don’t know, don’t care,” if they’ll stay together.

“This is two people who, like – they couldn’t be further from, like, who they pretended to be,” she noted.

In regard to Raquel’s claims against Scheana, which included allegations of giving her a black eye and pushing her into a brick wall, Lala said she “was never told that story.”

Also during the Amazon Live session, after suggesting that Tom Schwartz may be the only remaining person on Team Sandoval (because, she claimed, “he’s weak”), Lala reacted to a fan who asked if Sandoval and Raquel should be fired from Pump Rules.

“I never would wish anyone to be fired,” she replied. “I will say, I do like all-female casts. I feel like every season, Tom Sandoval wants to go toes with me. And I’m like, ‘Why am I arguing with a grown man again?’ I have yet to see any of the dudes on the show now go at it. I feel like I’m constantly battling men on this show, and I’m a little over it. I think now we can all see – the Toms have triggered me for a while. I’ve always thought, like, Schwartz is really sweet, but I feel like he’s weak as it gets.”

As for Raquel’s legal letter, in which she warned Lala and their castmates against distributing a sexual video of her (reportedly on a FaceTime call with Sandoval) that was recorded without her consent, Lala addressed the matter in a video shared on her Instagram Story.

“Raquel, tell your little Micky Mouse lawyer that if he has stuff to send over, he can send things to my lawyer. Same with the rest of my friends and cast, alright?” Lala stated, as seen in a clip shared by the Queens of Bravo on Instagram. “I’ve never in my life had a lawyer contact me, in my personal email.”

Then, after shaming Raquel for “what [she] did with [her] f-cking 15 minutes” of fame, Lala told her co-star she doesn’t “want to deal” with her legal motions.

“I have a life going on. I’ve got a little baby to take care of. I don’t want to see that in the morning. I don’t want to see that ever. Send it to [my attorney] Darrell,” she demanded.

Vanderpump Rules season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.