Teddi Mellencamp Opens Up About Nearly Divorcing on RHOBH, Explains Why She Started “Hating” Edwin

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Teddi Mellencamp Admits She Considered Announcing Divorce on RHOBH, Cites "Power Struggle" and Explains Why She Started "Hating" Edwin

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Teddi Mellencamp nearly announced a divorce from her husband Edwin Arroyave on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

On a recent episode of her shared podcast with Tamra Judge, Teddi and the Real Housewives of Orange County star welcomed husbands Edwin and Eddie Judge, respectively, to their show, where Teddi opened up about her past marital issues and explained how she and Edwin overcame them.

“When we first started, I remember my first day honestly it was like ‘F–ck, at what point do I tell everybody that I’m getting a divorce? Like when do I do this?’” Teddi admitted on the March 27 episode of Two Ts in a Pod, via Us Weekly.

“We are at our worst absolute phase, because, truthfully, for us, it was really about a power struggle,” she added.

Looking back, Teddi said that when she joined the RHOBH cast in 2017, she was in a “weaker position” than Edwin, who she married in 2011 and shares three kids with, including daughters Slate, 10, and Dove, 3, and son Cruz, 7, and step-daughter Isabella, 13, from Edwin’s previous marriage.

“We were always kind of equals when we were together. I rode horses, I was competitive, and I was all these things. Then I couldn’t get pregnant naturally, I did all these IVFs.” she explained. “Then, all of a sudden, he was in charge of our finances, and I had never been that. I never not had my own money, I had been working since I was 17. Then I just started hating him.”

Luckily, after considering a divorce, Teddi got to a better place with herself, and ultimately, with Edwin.

“Once I started loving myself again, we could start loving each other because when I don’t love myself we don’t love each other,” Teddi revealed.

As for Edwin, he said he believes RHOBH brought them closer.

“Everybody said the show is going to divide you, instead it actually united us,” he shared. “It’s the importance of when you actually work on your marriage you’ll remember how much you love it. For a long time, you’ll start to dislike it … I didn’t work on my marriage for a while so I was starting to dislike it and the show made me work on it.”

Teddi was featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a full-time role from season eight to season 10.