Caroline Manzo Claims Teresa “Almost Brainwashed” Her Into Disliking Melissa and Kathy, Talks Teresa Feud and “Bad Behavior,” and Melissa Saying She’s “Too Old” for RHONJ

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Caroline Manzo Claims Teresa "Almost Brainwashed" Her Into Disliking Melissa and Kathy, Talks Teresa Feud and "Bad Behavior," and Melissa Saying She's "Too Old" for RHONJ

Caroline Manzo shared her knowledge about Teresa Giudice‘s narrative about Melissa Gorga on Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp‘s podcast on Friday.

In addition to weighing in on Teresa’s current estrangement from the Gorgas, explaining her long-running feud with her former castmate, and reacting to Melissa saying she’s “too old” for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, which Melissa previously denied, Caroline claimed Teresa “conditioned” her into disliking both Melissa and Kathy Wakile.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Caroline began on the April 7 episode of Two T’s in a Pod when asked why she and Teresa don’t get along.

Then, thinking further, Caroline suspected Teresa didn’t want to share the limelight.

“If we’re being honest, back in the day, and I’m talking the heyday of [RHONJ], it was Caroline, Teresa, Caroline, Teresa — that’s who everybody was talking about and you know she doesn’t like to share the light with anybody and I think that maybe that may have been a little bit of it,” Caroline explained. “But you’re talking to somebody who truly doesn’t give a sh-t. I’m like ‘Go ahead. Take the light. You want it? Take it. Let it shine all over ya, I could care less.’”

Although there have been rumors claiming the women had a falling out in Punta Cana after Teresa upset her sons, Albie and Chris Manzo, by spraying champagne at a nightclub, Caroline denied that prompted their feud but admitted to being agitated by the behavior.

“I got upset about it,” Caroline stated. “We were in Punta Cana and she, there was this big bottle of champagne and I remember I was standing in the front. She was behind me and all the sudden I’m soaked. [I’m like], ‘Why am I all wet?’ and then I realize she sprayed champagne onto the ground in the club. And there were patrons there that took offense to it, one thing led to another, before you know it there’s a brawl.”

Ultimately, the group ended up in jail and Caroline’s sons’ passports were revoked.

“We sat for a week. It’s just that behavior over and over again, it’s a constant bad behavior that continuously is rewarded over and over again and that’s the problem,” Caroline noted.

Then, after being asked if she believes Teresa and the Gorgas, including her brother, Joe Gorga, are done for good, Caroline said, “I think so.”

“I don’t know what happened. I know the Cliffnotes of what happened, but there comes a point where you just gonna be like, everybody’s gotta be sick of it at this point,” she explained.

“Listen, I remember way, way, way back in the day, Melissa not wrong,” Caroline continued. “Over the years, she’s done some crappy things, I would assume, but how much can you take before you start hitting back?”

According to Caroline, Teresa has a long history of trash-talking Melissa (and Kathy Wakile), even conning her into thinking Melissa was the bad guy for years.

“I remember years and years before TV, before TV, that it would always be something bad said about Melissa that we were so conditioned to dislike her when we met her and I apologized to both her and Kathy because we were so conditioned, almost brainwashed, to dislike them before we met them that we treated them poorly when they first came on the show,” she recalled. “I apologized to them both, saying, ‘That wasn’t cool,’ but I was conditioned to think that way.”

As for Melissa saying she was “too old” to return to RHONJ, Caroline revealed, “she did say it,” before telling Tamra and Teddi she isn’t mad at her former castmate.

“But I don’t hate her for saying it,” she clarified. “At the time, I’m 20 years older than her … You don’t wanna hang with that when you’re 30 … I remember her saying it and I remember being bothered for half a second back then cuz I kinda heard it through the door … It’s a 30-year-old kid talking. So I [took] no offense to it then and I take no offense to it now. It’s silly.”

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