RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga Calls Out Andy Cohen for Being “Mean” on WWHL, Admits She’s Relieved to Be Moving on From Teresa Drama as Joe Says They’re “Not Done”

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RHONJ's Melissa Gorga Calls Out Andy Cohen for Being "Mean" on WWHL, Admits She's Relieved to Be Moving on From Teresa Drama as Joe Says They're "Not Done"

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Melissa Gorga is relieved to be putting her strained relationship with Teresa Giudice behind her — although her husband Joe Gorga feels differently.

While appearing on Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where host Andy Cohen was reportedly “very rough” on the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member, Melissa looked back on her frustrating feud with her sister-in-law as she explained what changed between them and admitted to being at peace.

On the April 11 episode of the WWHL: After Show, Melissa told Andy she received a text message from Margaret Josephs amid the live broadcast in which her castmate accused him of being hard on her.

“Margaret Josephs just texted me and said you’re being very rough on me tonight. She’s like, ‘Oof, Andy’s killing you tonight,’” Melissa revealed.

And Andy also received a text from Margaret.

“She texted me and said, ‘I wanna explain the story about Laura to you,’” he revealed.

But Melissa wasn’t done with the issue at hand and asked, “Why are you being mean to me?”

“I’m not being mean to you but we ask the questions. Do you feel like I’m giving you too hard of a time tonight?” he wondered.

“I mean, no, I’m willing to answer the questions,” she replied, seemingly having a change of heart.

Then, when Andy turned to Joe and asked him if he was “being too hard” on Melissa, Joe denied any such thing, telling his wife,  “Answer those questions. Come on, baby, let’s go!”

Even after Melissa commented, “It’s all negative,” Joe told her to “answer these questions.”

“They’re all nothing,” he insisted.

Margaret’s text came in response to the topics Melissa was questioned about on the live airing of WWHL, which included an inquiry about what changed between her and Teresa.

“When Teresa came out of prison, we spent a lot of time with her when [Joe Giudice] went in, she spent a lot of time with Joe and I with whoever she was dating or seeing, or whatever was going on, her kids, the drama, Joe and I really stepped up to the plate with talking to them when they were feeling certain ways,” Melissa revealed. “Obviously everyone’s saying that’s not true, which is fine, but I feel like recently when she got content and happy and found her life, it was like, ‘Thank you so much, buh-bye.’”

While Melissa insists she and Joe were there for Teresa and her daughters throughout her and Joe’s prison terms, she claims their relationship quickly dissolved after Teresa met Luis Ruelas and no longer needed them.

“I thought it was gonna be [the] complete opposite. I thought it was like, ‘We got this all together and he loves me too.’ That’s what we thought,” she recalled.

But instead of staying close, Melissa and Teresa began feuding, yet again, over how Melissa got on the show.

“Is nobody baffled that we’re talking about 2010? I’m baffled in that we’re discussing us with the wedding stuff, we’re talking about 2010, not about the last 10 years that we’ve been together and had dinners and Christmases and Easters and birthdays. What happened?” she wondered. “Why are we talking about the tweets? We already knew those tweets. My sisters, my sister-in-law, we’ve had beautiful dinners and get-togethers.”

According to Melissa, Teresa actually enlisted her and her family to host Luis after they began dating.

“When she needed someone to meet Luis because she needed to introduce him to family, guess who’s family? It was my mom and my sisters making him dinner and he loved them all, got haircuts from my brother,” Melissa shared. “I’m clueless. We’re back to like ‘Well, when you got on the show…’ And I’m like, ‘We’re passed that and we discussed that 50 times.'”

When Andy then noted that Melissa seemed to be at peace with moving on from the relationship, Melissa admitted she and Joe “hit the point of like … we tried.”

“It’s such a relief because all I ever wanted to do was please and try to be accepted by the family and I could never understand why I wasn’t and I never understood why if the son is so happy or the brother is so happy, why isn’t everyone else so happy that the house is clean and the kids are good and they’re in love?” she explained. “I never understood it and I was always just like, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ And then I stopped worrying about what I’m doing wrong and realized that I need to live my life and my husband’s happy and I’m happy and my children are happy and that’s it.”

But although Melissa is done with the situation, Joe confirmed he is not after Andy confessed to feeling confused about “how deep” they should go at the upcoming RHONJ reunion.

“Go deep. We’re not done. Who’s done?” Joe asked.

“You all seem complete in your resolution to move on from each other,” Andy replied.

But Joe insisted, “We’re not complete.”

As Andy explained, he doesn’t feel that he’s going to get any kind of resolution out of the reunion due to where the Gorgas left off with Teresa.

“And that’s fair because you’re not a therapist, right? Are you certified? I don’t know, are you?” Melissa cheekily asked.

“Well, no. But after 16 years of f-cking doing this, I think I have some idea of what I’m doing,” Andy argued.

“But you know better than to work with us,” Melissa added.

Then, in closing, Joe said that when it comes to him and Teresa, “It’s never done.”

“It’s family, bro, what, do you walk away from family? Come on, what’s the matter with you?” he asked.

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