RHOA’s Kandi Burruss Uses Tony Nomination to Shade Marlo Hampton, Says She Has “Nothing to Lose” as Marlo Claims She’s More Deserving of Her Check and Slams Drew as an Inauthentic “Loser”

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RHOA's Kandi Burruss Uses Tony Nom to Shade Marlo, Says She Has "Nothing to Lose" as Marlo Claims SHe's More Deserving of Her Check and Slams Drew as an Inauthentic "Loser"

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Kandi Burruss poked fun at Marlo Hampton as she joked about her Tony nomination in a tweet shared amid Sunday’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

As she and Marlo nearly engaged in a brawl on the show, Kandi took aim at Marlo’s finances, suggesting she’s on the hunt for a sugar daddy and has nothing to lose, as Marlo fought back by stating that Kandi is protected by producers, claiming she’s more deserving of Kandi’s check than Kandi, and slamming Drew Sidora as an inauthentic loser.

“Although it was really disappointing to see the way Kandi [and] Drew treated Marlo in this episode, I am really proud of her! She’s trying to grow [and] evolve. She’s trying to be vulnerable [and] expressive. I hope she continues regardless of those haters. GREAT episode for Marlo,” a fan wrote of Marlo on June 11.

“Thank you,” Marlo replied.

RHOA Marlo Hampton Thanks Fan Who Applauds Her Growth

She then retweeted a message from a fan page, which took aim at Drew.

“Drew is SUCH a follower and a loser. I can’t handle how inauthentic she is,” the page wrote. “She is the one who brought the wrong tea to the girls which completely made Kandi spiral into this blackout rage [because] she thinks Marlo is attacking her business… and [Sanya Richards-Ross] is 100 [percent] correct here!”

RHOA Marlo Hampton Slams Drew Sidora as an Inauthentic Loser

Another retweet shared by Marlo took aim at Kandi, proclaiming that Marlo should be getting her RHOA salary.

“Kandi suppose to be the one carrying the show but [it’s] Marlo give Marlo Kandi check [Bravo],” the message stated.

Marlo Hampton Suggests She's Deserving of Kandi's RHOA Check

A third retweet made accusations that Kandi doesn’t have to share her true life on the show because production and her castmates keep her protected.

“The POINT IS that Marlo is upset that production and the cast protects Kandi,” that message alleged. “Kandi chooses what he wants to talk about ON CAMERA to protect her reputation. The old footage proved her point. Kandi never even acknowledged that Marlo’s nephew worked for her ON CAMERA!”

RHOA Marlo Hampton Suggests Kandi is Protected by RHOA Production
Meanwhile, on Kandi’s page, she suggested Marlo acts out against her the way she does because she doesn’t have anything to lose.

“When you have nothing to lose you, you willing to do and say anything!” she wrote.

And in a second tweet, she added, “Make sure you tune in to an all new episode of RHOA and watch the BS!”

RHOA Kandi Burruss Suggests Marlo Hampton Will Do and Say Anything

As for her Tony nomination, which she did not win, Kandi used the accolade to bash her co-star.

“I’m blessed by being nominated by a Tony, she over there wishing she could find a sugar daddy named Tony!” Kandi tweeted.

RHOA Kandi Burruss Pokes Fun at Marlo Hampton After Tony Nomination

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