Kroy Biermann is Sued For $52K Over Casino Debt After Accusing Kim Zolciak of Gambling Addiction, Plus Family Friend Speaks Out After Kroy Threatened Her With Kidnapping Charges

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Kroy Biermann is Sued For $52K Over Casino Debt After Accusing Kim Zolciak of Gambling Addiction, Plus Family Friend Issues Statement After Kroy Threatened Her With Kidnapping Charges

Credit: Ralph Notaro/MEGA

Kroy Biermann has been dealt an ironic twist of fate as it’s been revealed that the retired NFL star is being sued yet again. This time it’s for an extravagant unpaid gambling debt mere weeks after accusing his estranged wife, Kim Zolciak, of having a gambling addiction that wreaked havoc on their marriage.

Sky Warrior is suing Kroy for an unpaid line of credit that was issued to the former reality personality. He was given $100K to gamble with while visiting the Baha Mara Casino in The Bahamas back in 2021, according to new documents obtained by RadarOnline.

The company stated that Kroy currently owes $52K, and they have unsuccessfully tried to get in contact with Kroy to recoup their money, so they are asking the courts to step in.

Interestingly, Kroy previously asked that Kim undergo a psychological evaluation amid his claims of her having a gambling addiction, which he alleges contributed to their family’s financial woes and their impending divorce.

Kroy asserted in his motion that Kim has “presented very troubling behavior which has accelerated in the months.” He alleged that The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum has been “spending substantial time and marital funds on gambling and other games of chance. This compulsion has financially devastated the parties. [Kim’s] time is so consumed with online gambling that she is unable to properly care for the children.”

Both Kim and Kroy are seeking primary custody of their four minor children and requesting spousal support.

Kim and Kroy’s children have become collateral damage in their divorce war. Kim recently made a troubling 911 call after Kroy threatened to press kidnapping charges against her and her friend, Elise Humphries, after the latter attempted to pick up the couple’s young son, KJ, 12, for a playdate at the rodeo.

During the 911 call, Kim told the Alpharetta dispatcher that the interaction left KJ “distraught” and “shaking,” and she accused Kroy of doing “crazy things.”

Sources close to Kroy said that the situation was brought on by “miscommunication,” noting that Kroy was “distrustful” of Elise.

Now Elise is speaking out. In a lengthy statement posted to her Instagram Stories, the Biermann family friend is calling Kroy’s behavior “desperate” and accusing him of slander and defamation.

Elise recounted the situation, explaining that she picked up KJ and took him and her daughter, Alanna, to a rodeo that he was “super excited about.”

She continued by saying that “incredible mom” Kim had given her permission to take KJ on the outing. She then slammed Kroy’s attempts to smear Kim’s name for the sake of getting custody of the couple’s children.

“Kroy is desperately trying to control every move to ensure he gets full custody and child support. So, he falsely accused me of kidnapping KJ so he can appear as the only parent who takes the kids out,” Elise wrote. “For anyone to allege there was any wrongdoing is nothing but defamatory and slander.”

Elise also responded to criticism that Kim unnecessarily and improperly used the 911 call system, stating, “Kim did not misuse the 911 system; she was terrified I was going to get arrested.”

Elise also said that “more truths will be coming out soon” that will leave everyone “shocked.”

She concluded her message by asking that her followers “pray for Kim and the kids” as she deals with Kroy’s “narcissistic” and “controlling” behavior.