RHOA’s Kenya Moore Slams Drew Sidora for “Unprovoked” Attack, and Unfollows Sanya as She Shades Her & Says She’s “Not [Her] Friend,” Plus Sanya Fires Back

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RHOA's Kenya Moore Slams Drew Sidora for "Unprovoked" Attack, and Unfollows Sanya as She Shades Her & Says She's "Not [Her] Friend," Plus Sanya Fires Back

Kenya Moore is no longer following Sanya Richards-Ross on Instagram, and the feeling seems to be mutual.

As Sanya continues to grow closer to Kenya’s on-screen nemesis, Marlo Hampton, the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member took to her Twitter page, where she reacted to Sanya talking about her behind her back and to Drew Sidora‘s criticism of her acting career as Sanya fired back on her Instagram Story.

“When you stay relevant and working without having to post one tweet,” Sanya wrote on July 17, along with a couple of laughing-while-crying emoji.

RHOA Sanya Richards Ross Shades Kenya After Her Many Tweets Against Her

Sanya’s post was shared after Kenya shared a series of Twitter posts against both her and Drew, one of which declared that Sanya was no friend to her.

“Oh Drew baby no YOU cannot be comin for Kenya’s actin resume,” a fan had written amid Sunday night’s episode of RHOA.

“So disappointed by Drew’s comments,” Kenya replied. “I’ve always supported her dreams. I never asked her about her acting career or singing career when she fell off. Only encouraged her and praised her. WOW uncalled for and unprovoked.”

RHOA Kenya Moore on Unprovoked Attack on Her Acting Career From Drew Sidora

In another post, Kenya shared a retweet from another viewer who said Sanya was a “big a– hater” for blaming Kenya for allegedly spotlighting Martell Holt‘s past communication with her while ignoring Marlo’s past with her own love interest.

“Is Sanya slow?” the tweet asked. “[Sheree Whitfield] and Martell made the DM situation a big deal, not Kenya lol Kenya barely flinched when they brought up Marlo dating [Roi Shlomo]. She’s such a big a– hater.”

RHOA Kenya Moore Shades Sanya as Slow and a Hater

Another Twitter user slammed Sanya as untrustworthy.

“See Sanya, that’s why Kenya doesn’t trust you,” they noted.

“Yep!” Kenya agreed. “Not neutral and goes behind my back and Kiki’s about me.”

RHOA Kenya Moore Shades Sanya for Being Untrustworthy

Then, after someone else targeted Sanya’s antics towards Roi, Kenya confirmed their current status.

“What are we even talking about right now? Sanya why are you going so hard on Kenya’s man after she done helped you raise all that money for your charity[?] I’m sorry this fake stuff is tew much!” the viewer wrote.

“Because [Sanya Richards-Ross] is not my friend or neutral PAY ATTENTION,” Kenya explained.

RHOA Kenya Moore Says Sanya is Not Her Friend

Amid her online drama with Sanya, Kenya unfollowed her castmate on Instagram.

RHOA Kenya Moore Unfollows Sanya Richards Ross on Instagram

Sanya is also no longer following Kenya. However, it is not clear whether Sanya unfollowed her on her own, if Kenya potentially blocked her, or if it was the other way around.

RHOA Sanya Richards Ross is Not Following Kenya Moore

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