Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Reacts to Brynn Whitfield’s Advances as RHONY Star Calls Him “Cute” and Speaks of Their Potential “Disaster” of a Romance

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Southern Charm's Shep Rose Reacts to Brynn Whitfield's Advances as RHONY Star Calls Him "Cute" and Speaks of Their Potential "Disaster" of a Romance

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Shep Rose spoke out about Brynn Whitfield‘s advances toward him, which she’s voiced on numerous occasions, after hearing the comments she made on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live.

After the Real Housewives of New York City star, 36, called the 42-year-old Southern Charm cast member “cute” and suspected their romance would be a “short-lived disaster,” Shep reacted to her “nice” words while also noting that Andy Cohen didn’t seem too excited about the crossover.

“I think Shep’s a cutie. And I feel like I’m a commitment-phobe. He’s a commitment-phobe. So it would be a disaster,” Brynn told Hollywood Life at the season 14 premiere party last Wednesday. “It would be a short-term disaster. And Andy [Cohen] told me [he could help.]”

As Southern Charm fans may recall, Shep dated Taylor Ann Green for two years before calling it quits in July 2022. And while she allegedly hooked up with fellow co-star Austen Kroll months later, he’s seemingly remained single.

Continuing on in her interview, Brynn explained her RHONY tagline, which is, “I love to laugh, but make me mad and I’ll date your dad.”

“I refused to record any others. I wrote it the second week [of filming],” Brynn revealed. “I actually said it on a date years ago to this a–hole. He was a huge jerk. Very crude. Said a bunch of weird stuff on the date. And then at the end [he] had the audacity to make a joke, like, ‘Should we split the check’? I was adding the tip, I was like, ‘I went on your Instagram and your dad is kind of cute.’ I was like, ‘Maybe I should just date your dad. Then I could be your stepmom and make your [bedtime] 8 PM.’ I was like, ‘Never call me again.’ And then for some reason I remembered that and was like, ‘That’s it!’”

She also said that while she caused her fair share of drama, Erin Lichy, who has been labeled as the “biggest pot-stirrer” of the show, did so in a different way.

“I’m more intentional. I’m like, ‘You just told me something. I’m gonna go tell someone else.’ I think Erin is unintentionally the biggest pot-stirrer, and I’m intentionally the biggest pot-stirrer,” Brynn noted. “Act with purpose in life!”

Then, days after the interview, Brynn appeared on the July 16 episode of WWHL, where she again spoke of Shep.

“I think Shep’s cute. It takes one commitment-phobe to know another commitment-phobe. What’s he like in real life?” she asked Andy, who confirmed the Southern Charm star is “exactly as he appears.”

“Perfect,” Brynn replied. “I like Southern Charm. I’m from Indiana. Midwest and the down south, we play it dirty.”

And after the official WWHL Instagram page shared a clip of the moment, Shep weighed in.

“Oh Well that’s certainly nice to hear. Thanks for thinking of me Brynn,” he told the RHONY newbie. “I mean Andy could have been a little more enthusiastic about her brave (and accurate) proclamation.”

He then added, cryptically, “Perhaps he knows too much. This poses a problem.”

Southern Charm Shep Rose Responds to RHONY Brynn Whitfield Wanting to Date Him

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