Vanderpump Rules Producer Talks Spinoff With Ex-Castmates, Raquel Negotiations, and Filming Refusals, Plus Addresses Premiere Date and Moving on From ‘Scandoval’

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
'Vanderpump Rules' EP Alex Baskin Teases Spinoff With Former Castmates, Raquel Negotiations

Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Vanderpump Rules’ executive producer, Alex Baskin, addressed rumors of a spinoff and discussed Raquel Leviss‘ ongoing negotiations for season 11 in an interview earlier this week.

As production continues on the new episodes with the majority of the cast, Alex spoke of the aftermath of “Scandoval,” teased the potential premiere date, and looked back on how Easter eggs were continuously dropped regarding Tom Sandoval and Raquel’s affair throughout season 10.

“I felt like a complete moron,” Alex admitted to The Hollywood Reporter in the latest issue of its magazine. “It looks so obvious after the fact. I can’t believe the brazenness in some cases. This affair was happening right there in front of us … We really didn’t know until [Ariana Madix] knew. But looking back, everything really was obvious.”

Although some have suspected there’s even more to the story, Alex said it’s time for the next chapter.

“I’m sure we don’t know everything — clearly, that’s why the reunion ended with a twist — but I think that we have to move on from it,” he stated. “This show’s never been static, and we’d disappoint the audience if we started just sleuthing. Everyone is trying to move on with their lives. If that creeps back in, then it creeps back in.”

After picking cameras back up for additional scenes for season 10 in March after Sandoval and Raquel’s affair was first revealed, Alex said he and his team moved forward with filming on season 11 as usual, rather than rushing into the new episodes.

“Things are still unsettled within the group whose lives we’re following. I’ve never headed into a season having less of a sense of where we’re going to be when we wrap in a few months,” he confessed.

Then, after stating that there’s “still a hysteria surrounding” the show post-“Scandoval,” Alex was asked if it pains him that the series won’t be back on the air for several more months.

“I have mixed feelings. I’d love to take advantage of the moment, but it’s really intense to make these shows,” he explained. “The people involved, both in front of and behind the camera, need a little bit of time. You just can’t be making and airing the show all the time.”

He then teased the potential premiere date for season 11, saying, “In six months, we’ll drop a new season.”

As for whether or not certain members of the show are refusing to film with each other, Alex confirmed there have been behind-the-scenes challenges.

“We always deal with pushback if different parties don’t want to shoot with each other because of strained relations. Obviously, this is more extreme. But Ariana and Tom Sandoval, I would hasten to point out, they still live together,” he noted. “The idea that they wouldn’t shoot together is a little bit hard to digest. They’re in the same home.”

As Pump Rules fans may have seen, Sandoval and Ariana have already been spotted filming at SUR. However, when it comes to Raquel, she has not yet resumed production.

“Those are ongoing conversations. I imagine there will be an update fairly soon. But, for now, we’re still in dialogue with her,” Alex revealed.

Also, during the interview, Alex commented on recent reports of a spinoff, some of which have suggested Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are set to star in their own show.

“Look, the past cast members are still a part of the group. It isn’t like they went away,” Alex mused. “So, we’re really excited to develop out what that will mean. There are other opportunities to see the extended friend group beyond just Vanderpump Rules.”