Captain Lee Rosbach Suggests Carl Radke Shelved Podcast Interview, Plus He Says Not Talking to Kyle at BravoCon Was “Highlight” as He Reacts to Kyle Avoiding Him

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Captain Lee Rosbach Tells Fans "Ask Carl" as He Confirms Podcast "Will Not Be Aired," Plus He Says Not Talking to Kyle at BravoCon Was "Highlight" as He Reacts to Kyle Avoiding Him

Captain Lee Rosbach wants fans to ask Carl Radke why his podcast interview with the Summer House star was pulled from his lineup at the last minute.

Just after the episode, which featured Carl, 38, opening up about his split from Lindsay Hubbard, 37, was previewed, the Below Deck cast member, 73, confirmed it “will not be aired” as he also addressed his lack of interaction with Kyle Cooke, 41, at BravoCon on his podcast on Wednesday.

“I was surprised to hear that Kyle Cooke said he avoided me at BravoCon,” Lee said on the November 15 episode of Salty With Captain Lee, via Us Weekly.

Then, when co-host Sam DeCavalcanti asked if not crossing paths with Kyle was a “highlight,” he admitted, “The fact that I didn’t have to talk to him probably might have been.”

According to Lee, he wasn’t offended by Kyle avoiding him at the fan event. Instead, he was flattered.

“It was funny just to find out he was actually avoiding me. He flatters me. I think, I am not sure,” he noted. “That was an unusual moment at BravoCon.”

As Summer House fans will recall, Lee took aim at Kyle during a previous episode of his podcast, saying he believed Kyle “contributed” to Carl and Lindsay’s breakup “to a certain degree.”

“You were part of the cracks. You are supposed to be Carl’s best friend, and all you do every waking moment that you’re talking to Carl is badmouthing Lindsay. Is that what friends do?” he asked Kyle, who said he had a “front-row seat” to Carl and Lindsay’s ups and downs over the summer on Watch What Happens Live weeks ago.

“I don’t know how Kyle and Carl stayed friends,” Lee added.

Also on the podcast, via Us Weekly, Lee addressed the disappearance of his podcast episode with Carl.

“We did record an interview with Carl Radke. I think the fans heard because I’ve had some people questioning me about, ‘OK, we heard the tease. Where is it?’ I’m sorry to inform you that it will not be aired and that was not my call,” he confirmed. “If you would like to find out why, I guess you could ask Carl Radke. We did do it. We did record it but it will not be played. So I apologize to all of you who thought you were going to be hearing it. That was my intention but things just didn’t work out.”

“We were ready to air and the plug got pulled. But not by us. Make of that what you will,” he went on.

Days ago, Us Weekly received two sneak peek clips from the podcast episode.

“It’s been scary. It’s been confusing. It’s been emotional. And I feel really bad with how everything ultimately played out,” Carl said of his split from Lindsay in a November 6 clip. “If I could go back and make something a little bit easier or better, I would … [But] I do firmly think Lindsay and I going in separate directions will be healthier for us in the long run.”

In a second clip, Carl said Summer House viewers would have “a lot of questions” answered by the new season.

“It’s been a very painful, emotional time. So I’ve been silent trying to just process, be respectful, try to move forward and heal properly. It’s been just a difficult situation,” he concluded.

Summer House season eight is expected to premiere on Bravo in early 2024.