Olivia Flowers on Why She’s No Longer Interested in Reconciling With Taylor as She Shades Her Apology, and Offers Austen Update, Plus Southern Charm Star Teases New Boyfriend on “Date Night”

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Southern Charm's Olivia Flowers Admits She Doesn't "Care" to Reconcile With Taylor, Suggests Apology Wasn't Genuine, and Offers Austen Update, Plus Teases New Boyfriend on "Date Night"

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Olivia Flowers and Taylor Ann Green attempted to work through the drama they faced after Taylor’s alleged hookup with Olivia’s ex-boyfriend, Austen Kroll. But after watching season nine of Southern Charm play out, Olivia is unconcerned about their reconciliation.

As Olivia, 31, offered an update on where she stands with both Taylor, 28, and Austen, 34, she also took to her TikTok page, where she seemingly confirmed that she’s moved on from her past relationship with Austen — and her short-lived fling with Rod Razavi — with her new man.

“Date night,” Olivia wrote in the caption of her video, which featured her enjoying a night out at a Dallas Mavericks game.


date night 🏀

♬ home – sped up + reverb – pearl & fast forward >> & Tazzy

Also included in the post was a message, that read, “When he lets me choose the restaurant,” and a clip that featured Olivia putting on makeup in a Mavericks jersey.

Southern Charm Olivia Flowers Enjoys Date Night After Austen Kroll Drama

Olivia was seen leaving the stadium with someone filming her from behind. However, when it came to a reveal of who that person may be, there unfortunately was none in the clip. Since sharing these videos, Olivia has gone public with her new boyfriend. You can click here to see his photos.

As for the nature of her current relationship with Austen, Olivia told E! News that although Austen supported her after the death of her brother, Connor Flowers, they didn’t remain close.

“You see us the rest of the season start to try to put our friendship back together, and then that deteriorates,” she explained. “It just gets complicated and tricky. We were right back at our same bullsh*t and stuff shortly after.”

Just as complicated is Olivia’s dynamic with Taylor, which she described as a “roller coaster.”

“My goal is for us to be OK as friends, I didn’t want it to be this Olivia versus Taylor thing at all. I really was still trying to get our friendship back on track and you’ll see that throughout the season, but it’s up and down,” she noted.

As for getting back to where they once were, Olivia said she doesn’t believe that’s possible — nor is she interested.

“I’m catching things now while I watch the episode that everyone else is catching and I’m learning more just like everyone else. It’s definitely changed some things and I don’t think we’ll ever be what we were. I don’t really care to be either,” she stated.

Although Taylor apologized for her encounter with Austen, Olivia isn’t so sure she was being genuine.

“She seemed very apologetic and genuine, so to see that she’s having conversations with other people that sing a different tune, it’s interesting,” she shared. “It’s eye-opening and it definitely had an impact on where we are now.”

Southern Charm season nine airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Bravo