RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose on Kenya Moore Being “Rudest” Celeb at BravoCon, If Monica Stole Lisa’s Ring, What Was Missing From Fight With Lisa, and Jack’s Mission, Plus Meredith’s Manipulations and Reunion

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RHOSLC's Whitney Rose on Kenya Moore Being "Rudest" Celeb at BravoCon, If Monica Stole Lisa's Ring, and Jack's Mission, Plus Meredith's Manipulations and Reunion

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Whitney Rose named Kenya Moore as the “rudest” celebrity at BravoCon 2022 during Tuesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

As she also commented on claims of Monica Garcia, 39, stealing Lisa Barlow‘s $60,000 ring and Lisa’s son Jack’s mission, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, 37, looked back on her run-in with the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, 52, doubled down on her claims of Meredith Marks, 51, being manipulative, and teased the upcoming reunion.

“I didn’t have anyone that rude this year [at BravoCon] but last year, Kenya Moore was not nice to me,” Whitney revealed on the November 28 episode of WWHL.

She then said she did not believe Monica stole Lisa’s ring.

“No, I don’t,” she confirmed. “It was just confusing when she said I helped her find it. That was confusing wording.”

Although Heather Gay, 49, has voiced concerns about Jack going on a mission with the Mormon church, Whitney said she did not worry about his journey.

“No, because I left the Mormon church for me. However, I do not believe in the Mormon doctrine, there are still a lot of people in my life that do. And I am not about to butt my nose into Lisa, John and Jack’s business,” she explained. “I wish that part of the missionary training was education around how the church was founded and all of that, but it’s not my mission to do that.”

Regarding her drama with Meredith, whom she recently accused of being manipulative with rumors and nastiness, Whitney said she “100 percent” stands by the assessment.

The RHOSLC reunion was filmed earlier this month. And when asked about how the taping went, Whitney would only say, “I’m still digesting it.”

As for whether or not she feels bad for blaming Lisa for her fight with Monica after watching it back, Whitney denied any such thing.

“No because I told Lisa I blamed them equally, I was just let down by Lisa because she owns businesses and if I were to fight in her checkout line of her business, Vida Tequila, she would have me at the throat,” Whitney reasoned.

During Tuesday’s episode of RHOSLC, Whitney faced off with Lisa. And as she reflected on their conversation, Whitney explained why she was so upset with Lisa, who failed to acknowledge the tragic death of her friend of “13 years.”

“[The conversation] was hyper-focused on her and Heather because of their new relationship. It was more about the fact that Lisa dodged me. I made eye contact with her multiple times throughout the night. The first conversation that she started with me was to talk sh*t about Meredith, and in that moment, I’m like, ‘B*tch, read the room because I do not want to talk about my friends who are alive. I just lost someone I love dearly. The last thing I want to do is talk about my girlfriends that are here with us right now. Give me a couple of weeks. Then I’ll go right back into the drama with you, but not right now,'” Whitney detailed.

Then, during a game of “Ice Fishing for the Truth,” Whitney admitted that while she “[loves]” Lisa and Meredith’s rekindled friendship, because it means she’s “no longer put in the middle,” she isn’t convinced it will last.

“If I was a betting girl, I’d put a bet in Vegas, over and under, on how long this lasts… When do we start filming again? It’ll last until then. Maybe three months,” she suspected.

Whitney also suggested Lisa’s truce with Monica won’t last, saying, “It does for a minute,” and shared where she stands with the season four newbie.

“After reunion, I was hopeful that I could get an understanding and some answers but I feel like I got the exact opposite so today we’re on ice,” she shared.

Later in the game, Whitney confirmed she believed Heather’s story about her black eye and said that the worst thing Mary Cosby, 51, had said about the cast was her “inbred” diss to Heather.

“I think the inbred thing is pretty interesting because she married her step-grandfather. But, Mary, I love you. We’re in a good place. Don’t hate me for this,” she begged.

Whitney then explained why she got mad at Lisa for cussing at her home — even though she has a stripper pole in the residence.

“One, my stripper pole… happens in the privacy of my bedroom with my husband. My kids are never home. My stripper pole, I have pole fitness. It was never a striptease unless the kids were out of the house for Justin,” she revealed. “But my kids are at a different age now. The pole’s not up anymore. As your kids grow up, you change the way that you do things and cussing in my home, our home is our sanctuary so I can be on a pole in the privacy of my own situation and not allow cussing in my home and those can co-exist.”

As for what fans can expect from the cast’s upcoming Bermuda trip, Whitney said, “Ultimate betrayal by someone that you’d least expect.”

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