Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers on “Most Hurtful” Part of Taylor’s Betrayal & Why It Cut So Deep, Plus Kiss Timeline, What Taylor Doesn’t Get and Where They Stand

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Southern Charm's Olivia Flowers on "Most Hurtful" Part of Taylor's Betrayal & Why It Cut So Deep, Plus Kiss Timeline, What Taylor Doesn't Get and Where They Stand

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Olivia Flowers revealed the “most hurtful” part of Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll‘s alleged hookup on Nick Viall‘s podcast on Tuesday.

While also discussing what Taylor, 28, didn’t understand about her issues with the secret fling and confirming where the two of them stand today, the Southern Charm star, 31, opened up about the timeline of when Taylor and Austen’s encounter occurred and shared details about the close-knit friendship she and Taylor had before the betrayal.

“That was the most hurtful part of it all: Thinking how many conversations were going on between Taylor and I just to know that at the same time, she was also trying to figure out her feelings for him,” Olivia confirmed on the November 30 episode of The Viall Files.

According to Olivia, no one really knows when Taylor and Austen, 36, reportedly hooked up because “they’ve changed their story so many times.”

“That’s the missing character in this season – the timeline,” Olivia noted, sharing that Taylor has said it took place after the season eight reunion when Olivia was visiting California.

“He and I had a falling out at the reunion, and I went to California for 3, maybe 4 days. So she’s saying it happened somewhere in there. It’s like her excuse, ‘Well you were in California.’ I was there for 4 days! Four days prior, you were bawling over [Shep Rose]. You were having a full-blown meltdown at our reunion. And you were consoling me at the same time with Austen,” Olivia continued.

Speaking of the friendship she and Taylor once had, Olivia revealed the two of them are “very similar” and close with their families, whose moms are also friends.

“We just hit it off really quick… She was going through the breakup with Shep around the same time Austen and I were kind of, and so we leaned on each other a lot with that,” she recalled. “I confided in her with everything. You know, was there for her with the Shep stuff. I was friends with Shep. She was friends with Austen so… she could kinda translate what was going on. She was very much involved with Austen and I’s situation.”

Taylor was so involved with Olivia and Austen’s relationship that she often gave Olivia advice and encouraged her to reconcile with him post-split.

“They had a friendship. She got close with him long before I came along. So she was always giving good advice. And could kind of come from a place of knowing both of us… Taylor was like my go-to person with it. She was always very much for Austen and I,” Olivia revealed. “Every time I was thinking it’s time to like, call it quits, she would reaffirm like, ‘No he loves you. You love him. Y’all really should just like, figure this out.’ So it was a safe space and I didn’t have many people to talk to about him.”

Of their current status, Olivia said Taylor still doesn’t understand why her alleged hookup with Austen was so upsetting to her.

“She was saying ‘I do think Austen still like cares about you and loves you.’ And I’m like what? It’s not about Austen. I felt like I had to beat that into her head this season. Like it was not about Austen. It was about a total disregard about you caring about our friendship because you were protecting him,” Olivia clarified.

As for why she seems to be letting Austen slide while holding Taylor accountable, Olivia admitted to almost expecting the behavior from Austen.

“Not using that as an excuse so he can do it and be okay with it but like the shock of it all came more with Taylor and not necessarily like what she did, but just the continuing to protect Austen like the stuff she was saying to me of like not being truthful about what happened,” Olivia explained. “I knew she was saying that because she was trying to protect Austen.”

Regarding where they stand today, Olivia said that while they connected after their brother’s deaths earlier this year, they’ve since lost touch.

“I reached out to her obviously when her brother passed and went to her house and spent time with her there, cause I did want her to know above everything else that is most important and I do want to be here for you… And then stuff started bubbling back up and we just lost contact,” she stated.

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