Meredith Marks Shares If RHOSLC Cast Will Turn on Monica, Where They Stand, Reunion, & If She Trusts Lisa, Plus Talks Heather’s Phone Call, Angie Rumors, Her British Accent and Marriage Update, & Live Viewing Thread

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Meredith Marks Shares If RHOSLC Cast Will Turn on Monica, Where They Stand, Reunion, & If She Trusts Lisa, Plus Talks Heather's Phone Call, Angie Rumors, Her British Accent and Marriage Update, & Live Viewing Thread

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Does Meredith Marks think the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast is on the verge of turning on season four newbie Monica Garcia?

During a recent interview, Meredith, 52, shared her thoughts on Monica, 40, confirming whether they spoke after the reunion. She also teased the controversial phone call Heather Gay, 49, received in Bermuda, reacted to swirling rumors regarding Angie Katsanevas, 50, and more.

“It depends on if they believe me or Monica because she’s saying I did all these things,” Meredith noted during a December 30 interview with Us Weekly.

According to Meredith, Monica and the cast made a lot of claims against her, but “no one can back [them] up.”

“Show me how I sent these DMs because I didn’t. Go get your cyber investigator because it’s not me,” she insisted.

Following the taping of the RHOSLC reunion, Meredith confirmed she’s kept her distance from Monica.

“I’ve not spoken to Monica. [But] I have spoken to [Lisa Barlow],” she shared.

Amid their cast trip to Bermuda, Heather received a phone call that seemed to be in reference to legal drama between her and Monica, who she accused of failing to pay for services at her spa.

Speaking of the call, Meredith said the information Heather learned “absolutely” changed the dynamic among the cast.

“[Heather] learns stuff on that call, and like I said, I had certain things that I already knew that made the lawsuit less surprising. There were a lot of elements that went into this call and I was shocked. It was not something I ever, ever in a million years would’ve expected,” Meredith teased.

While in Bermuda, Meredith butted heads with Lisa, 49, who blamed her for spreading rumors about Angie. But reflecting on their dispute, Meredith noted that Lisa was “not doing it on her own.”

“She’s told that, but the reality is, like I said at the lunch, the reason I asked Lisa if she was saying that I threatened Angie and all this stuff is because I’d heard murmurings of it, but I had given her the benefit of the doubt, and all I’m looking for from Lisa is that same benefit of the doubt right back. But I’m not expecting it,” Meredith explained, giving a nod to their somewhat strained relationship. “That’s what I’ve done. I’ve changed my expectations and I accept people for who they are. And if that’s who she is, I have to accept that and say, ‘How am I going to navigate my relationship with her moving forward given that this is a piece of who she is?’”

After being asked if she trusts Lisa, Meredith admitted she doesn’t fully.

“I don’t have the same level of trust that we had years ago. Yes, I have a certain level of trust with certain things, and other things not as much. It’s gonna take time,” she explained.

After facing claims of spreading rumors throughout the season, Meredith admitted she was surprised to see that Monica told Lisa she was behind the Greek mafia rumor about Angie.

“Shocked on so many levels because number one, as we all know, Monica and Lisa have not gotten along all year. Now all the sudden it’s like, you come at my family, and by the way, let me tell you all the stuff. It felt… not right,” she shared. “And the large majority of the information that Monica was talking about were rumors that she told me. And I had never heard until she told me so I was kind of like, ‘These aren’t things I told you. This is information you shared with me and I didn’t go and tell anyone else about it. I kept it to myself. I didn’t tell other people. I didn’t bring it up on camera. You’re the one that told me. You’re the one that brought it up on camera.’”

While many cast issues were hashed out at the reunion, Meredith said she did leave the taping with some lingering questions.

“There were a lot of issues that I feel like were a lot bigger than some of the things I needed to tackle, and there’s only so much time in the day, and so obviously if it was the biggest thing under the sun, I would’ve raised my hand, as I do,” she revealed. “But I would love a little bit of closure. I feel like Lisa and I definitely had some underlying conflict, some not so underlying, that I don’t feel we really touched on at all.”

That said, Meredith does feel that she and Lisa have “some sort of resolution” between them.

“I think we both understand in seeing things playback and everything else that there were other parties involved that exacerbated the situation, which I think has pretty much gone on with me and her every year,” she reasoned. “So I think she and I are mentally at a place of understanding, but it’s not something that we really talked about.”

Regarding her British accent, Meredith jokes that it always comes out if she’s had more than one drink “and sometimes comes out other times too.”

“If I’m around friends with an accent I start picking it up, and it’s not just a British one, it’s all of them,” she confessed.

Also during the interview, Meredith offered an update on her marriage to Seth Marks.

“Everything with Seth is great. We’re crazy busy right now, both of us, so it’s a little bit hard finding our time together right now. That’s my only complaint, is that I miss him,” she said.

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