RHOSLC’s Heather Gay Discusses Her “Hot Mic Moment,” Who She Trusts Most and Least, and Andy Screaming at “Killer Reunion,” Plus Making Amends With Lisa and Whitney

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
RHOSLC's Heather Gay on Her "Hot Mic Moment," Who She Trusts Most and Least, and Andy Screaming at "Killer Reunion," Plus Making Amends With Lisa and Whitney

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Heather Gay has an upcoming “hot mic moment” on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. And during a recent interview, she offered some insight into what fans can expect.

While also discussing her relationships with her castmates, including who she trusts most and least, and recalling Andy Cohen‘s over-the-top antics at the recently-taped reunion, Heather, 49, teased upcoming surprises and revealed what it would take for her to film with Monica Garcia, 39, again.

“It was a devastating call. … It was a phone call that I hoped would go a different way,” Heather explained of her “hot mic moment” during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

In a sneak peek at the RHOSLC cast’s trip to Bermuda, Heather was seen “trembling” and “freaking the f**k out” while on the phone with someone whose identity wasn’t revealed. And while it was previously assumed that it was the moment Heather first learned about her legal battle with Monica, Heather clarified that their lawsuit drama “transpired after we wrapped filming.”

That said, she added that “seeds were planted” during the call.

While season four will conclude next month, Heather said the season “hasn’t even gotten started yet.”

“I think the surprises are going to be many, but probably that what they anticipate we’ll be fighting about is not even on the register,” she shared. “It’s something that none of us saw coming, and that we were forced to immediately respond to. It’s just, none of us saw it coming and it was something that was devastating.”

Regarding where she stands with her castmates, Heather said she trusts Whitney Rose, 37, Lisa Barlow, 48, Angie Katsanevas, 50, and Meredith Marks, 51, “the most, equally and forever,” and she trusts Monica “the least.” In fact, Heather said she’d never film with Monica again — unless she takes “accountability” for her behavior.

Looking ahead to the “killer reunion,” Heather said she and her co-stars were “a cacophony of cackling hens.”

“I saw Andy scream in a way that reminded me of me being a teenager with my own father,” she admitted. “It was thrilling on some level, if you’re into the patriarchy, but it was… yeah, Andy yelled. He was frustrated ’cause there was a lot going on.”

While some have felt that the show would be lacking without the controversial Jen Shah, 50, who is currently serving a prison sentence for fraud, Heather said she and her co-stars were able to “start fresh” after her exit.

“I am back to who I was when I first started Housewives,” she explained.

She’s also back on good terms with Lisa and Whitney.

“Lisa and I, [season four] was a total reset for our friendship,” Heather noted. “It was me recognizing how I have not been a friend to her, you know, the whole time; for three years, I’ve been looking at it like, she’s mean to me, you know? I’m gonna just keep my guard up, and I never looked at how I have been a s**tty friend to her.”

And while Whitney has predicted Heather and Lisa’s friendship wouldn’t last, Heather insists she wants to be Lisa’s friend.

“I wanna be a loyal friend to her, and I want Lisa to feel like somebody has her back, and I think throughout the seasons past, she’s really been a solo rider. And I think loyalty is something she values, and I think she deserves loyalty in return,” she explained.

As for Whitney, Heather said, “I always regret fighting with Whitney, and I always regret when Lisa is the topic.”

“But yeah, I recognize now that I need to tread more softly and just be respectful of all of it,” she added. “I’m learning and growing and — hopefully — evolving.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season four airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.