RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant on Why She Can’t Move Forward With Wendy and Candiace, Robyn’s Drama With Candiace, and Paywall Podcast Episode on Juan, Plus Update on Jason Romance

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RHOP's Gizelle Bryant on Why She Can't Move Forward With Wendy and Candiace, Robyn's Drama With Candiace, and Paywall Podcast Episode on Juan, Plus Jason Romance and Cast's Sexual Assault Experiences

Gizelle Bryant explained why she’s unable to move forward with Wendy Osefo and Candiace Dillard-Bassett on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, also addressing Candiace’s ongoing drama with Robyn Dixon.

While opening up about her and Robyn’s paywall podcast episode about Juan Dixon, 45, and dishing on her romance with Winter House‘s Jason Cameron, 37, the Real Housewives of Potomac star, 53, reflected on the cast’s past experiences with sexual assault, which brought them together on Sunday’s new episode.

“[Karen Huger], [Ashley Darby], [Charrisse Jackson-Jordan], they’re able to have adult conversations. They’re able to talk to me and I listen and I talk to them and they listen and that’s how we hash things out,” Gizelle explained on the January 14 episode of WWHL after being asked why she can engage in intense conversations with certain cast members, but not with Wendy, 39, or Candiace, 37.

“I always listen if they’re talking and they’re accountable for everything that they’ve done to me,” she continued. “I’m like Miss Apology. So if I do something to you and I apologize, they’re able to receive it, accept it, and we are able to move forward. I can’t do that with these other ladies. Especially Karen, I’ve apologized to her way too many times.”

As for Candiace implying Gizelle’s friendship with Robyn is the reason she and Robyn can’t resolve their issues, Gizelle shaded the claim as an “excuse.”

“If she wants to make up with Robyn, she should because Robyn hasn’t done anything to her. If you’re friends with me, that doesn’t mean I chose who you’re friends with. I’m an adult,” Gizelle stated. “I don’t care [if they’re friends]. It doesn’t hurt me and Robyn’s friendship at all.”

Since she’s said that Wendy shouldn’t be in the group if she can’t handle questions about marriage, Gizelle was questioned about whether she feels the same about Robyn, who avoided discussing her marital issues with Juan last season.

“Well Robyn did,” Gizelle replied. “Robyn stood up in Austin, Texas, and said, ‘Ask me whatever you want to ask.’ She answered all the questions so Robyn proved that she should be in the group because she answered all the questions.”

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Gizelle was asked if she and Robyn would release their episode about Juan behind a paywall if they could go back and do it over.

“Okay, first of all, we talked about it on the free side and we talked about it on the paywall,” Gizelle clarified. “[So] yeah. Why not? I don’t know. I think that’s a Robyn question, to be quite honest.”

According to Gizelle, she kept Robyn’s secret amid RHOP season seven, not only to protect her friend but also “because they had moved past it.”

“They were done with it,” she said of Robyn and Juan.

Then, after host Andy Cohen, 55, noted that Robyn and Juan’s challenges were “very relevant to all the conversations going on that season,” recalling the cast “talking about other people’s infidelity all season,” Gizelle signaled the question to her castmate.

“This is a Robyn question,” she stated.

Also on the live broadcast, Gizelle opened up about her relationship with Jason, saying that while they’ve been hanging out for “over a year,” they are not yet talking about moving in together, nor has Jason met her ex-husband, Jamal Bryant.

“We don’t talk about that. That’s none of Jamal’s business,” she stated.

“He’s a very mature guy. He has insight. If I come to him with a problem, he has insight and good wisdom,” Gizelle continued of her beau, adding that things are “great” between them in the bedroom.

Gizelle and Jason have been having a “difficult” time seeing one another lately due to their busy schedules, but Gizelle noted that they try and spend time with one another “every couple of weeks.”

Gizelle then said that Jason isn’t close to any of her co-stars, although Mia Thornton, 39, “has a crush.”

Looking back on Sunday’s episode, Gizelle admitted it was scary to hear about the many women impacted by sexual assault.

“It scares me. I [found out about my castmates’ experiences] separately. Everybody told me separately. Like, I knew about Robyn but I forgot but then she reminded me. Of course, I knew about Mia, but I forgot so it was like, to be in a room with women going through this,” she shared. “It so scared me because I have daughters.”

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