Monica Garcia Reveals Which RHOSLC Costars She Speaks to, Most “Frustrating” Part of Reunion, & Talks Exit, Plus Says She’d Do Traitors

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Monica Garcia Talks RHOSLC Exit, Most "Frustrating" Part of Reunion, Which Costars She Loves & Who She Speaks to, Plus Says She'd Do Traitors

Credit: Rich Polk/Bravo

Monica Garcia is sharing her thoughts on being fired from the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast ahead of season five and looking back on the “frustrating” season four reunion.

One week after it was confirmed that she would not be returning to the show for season five due to her involvement with a troll account against the cast on Instagram, Monica, 40, reflected on her “[captivating]” performance as she suggested she should be included in future episodes, revealed who she loves from the show, confirmed she speaks to Mary Cosby, 51, daily, and more.

“I’m okay! The fan reaction is being seen and heard. You guys are fighting so hard. It’s making a huge difference. There has been an uproar in the series of events that have taken place. It’s not going unnoticed. I’m so grateful,” Monica said of her departure during a January 29 interview with Pride. “The fans were clearly captivated by the whole season and that’s all you can ask for.”

While some have said Monica should’ve never been cast in the first place, let alone be invited back to the show, Monica feels that her return would lead to resolution among the group.

“I think everyone should put on their big girl panties and deal with it,” she stated. “A lot of people, including myself, wanted resolution. Part three of the reunion was brutal and I was checked out. I know I let a lot of the fans down and I’m so sorry, but I was over it. I knew I was getting nowhere. We should have gone right into filming. Truly, that’s how I feel. We’re all there to do a job. Let’s do it and let’s resolve it and let’s move on. I don’t think anything was done that’s not fixable.”

In fact, she still has love for many of her castmates.

“I actually love [Meredith Marks]. I love Mary and I genuinely love [Whitney Rose]. They’re mad at me and that’s okay. Mary’s not! Mary is so sweet. We talk every day,” she shared.

During the season four reunion, Monica showcased a “burn book.” However, when all was said and done, fans didn’t see much of its content. And after the third installment aired, Monica teased the potential publication of its content.

“I feel like I could be the next New York Times bestseller. I think you can buy your way on that list… I’m just saying,” Monica noted, seemingly shading Heather Gay‘s bestselling Bad Mormon.

“It was actually really frustrating,” Monica continued of the reunion taping. “That burn book did not get enough attention, but maybe I should be thanking them. Maybe I should just legit post it. There’s so much in there that makes sense and bridges gaps and stories. There’s a lot that adds to the whole situation that no one got to see. Everyone’s saying it was a fail, and it was, but there was a lot of stuff that didn’t make it on air and everybody needs to keep that in mind.

Looking ahead to season five, Monica said that while she understands everyone is “replaceable,” she believes fans would like to see more of her story.

“If housewives like NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams [leave]… those shows continue on. Everyone’s replaceable and I know that. I’m sure they’ll be just fine, but I do think that there is such a void and open chapter for the fans. People want resolution,” she reasoned. “That’s what we love about these shows. There’s conflict and resolution and that’s a fact within a friend group. That happens in real life. Let’s conclude that.”

As for if she’d appear on another reality show, Monica said she’d be down to join The Traitors.

“I would LOVE to be a traitor! I think there is no more fitting show for me than Traitors. I’m totally open!” she confirmed. “I have gone back and forth [about whether I’d want to be a traitor or a faithful]! I feel like either way I’m getting voted off first roundtable. Everyone would think I’m a traitor! Same result is going to happen. Just give me the cloak… I just want the moment!”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently on hiatus.