RHOP’s Ashley Darby Reveals the Rapper Linked to Mia, Shares Custody Update, & If She Misses Michael, Plus Talks Wendy and Nneka Drama, Chris Regrets, and Dating Women

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RHOP's Ashley Darby on Rapper Linked to Mia, Custody Update, and If She Misses Michael, Plus Not Taking Responsibility for Wendy and Nneka Drama, Chris Regrets, and Dating Women

Ashley Darby appeared on Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live, where she named the rapper linked to Mia Thornton and offered an update on her custody arrangement and divorce from estranged husband Michael Darby.

In addition to answering a series of rapid-fire questions about Michael, 64, explaining why she doesn’t feel completely responsible for the drama between Wendy Osefo, 39, and Nneka Ihim, 36, and sharing her regrets with Chris Bassett, 44, the Real Housewives of Potomac star, 35, revealed she’s dating both men and women as she dished on the rumors surrounding Mia’s love life.

“I had heard that Mia was hanging out with Flo Rida. That was the rumor. She put that to bed. She said that’s not true, but that was the rumor,” Ashley revealed on the February 4 episode of WWHL.

During a Q&A about Michael, Ashley denied he’s met any of her recent suitors, but she noted that they “almost had that one close call [with former flame Luke Gulbranson],” potentially because Michael “does” have a key to her home — and remains on her mortgage.

While things started off rocky post-split for Ashley and Michael, they’ve gotten to a “happy” place in their co-parenting relationship.

“I have my children seven days a week and then we alternate weekends,” she revealed. “We’re no longer parallel parenting. We’re officially co-parenting. That’s a big deal for us. I didn’t know if we’d ever get here, but I appreciate especially [Gizelle Bryant], she always said, ‘It’ll get better, It’ll get better.’ And she was right.”

Ashley is also happy with her financial situation with Michael, saying that she “[doesn’t need to] contest their prenup to get alimony” because they’re “still married,” and she is in no rush to divorce, saying, “I’m comfortable right now.”

Then, after admitting she “sometimes” misses her Washington, D.C., penthouse and its “beautiful” sunrises, she noted that she appreciates the “big backyard” she has now.

When Andy Cohen, 55, asked Ashley if she misses Michael, she offered a long pause before sharing what warms her heart about him.

“We went to Monster Trucks as a family the other day, and watching him with my kids and seeing how they light up when they see their dad, that kind of stuff touches me,” she admitted.

According to Ashley, she has no doubt in her mind that Mia, 39, and Gordon Thornton, 71, will finalize their divorce before she and Michael as “Mia’s gonna be married by next year. She’s on the fast track” with boyfriend Incognito.

Moving on to Wendy and Nneka, Ashley responded to a fan who wanted to know why she didn’t bring them together after causing drama between them.

“You will see at the reunion that there’s much more to that situation,” she teased. “There are more things that transpired, so while I made a mistake, I’m not gonna take full responsibility for where their relationship is. And I have tried numerous times and I’m going to keep trying.”

Regarding Wendy’s decision to opt out of Nneka’s unpacking party, Ashley agreed it would have been a lot for Wendy to go into Nneka’s home, “considering their past,” before sharing hopes for a future reconciliation.

“I’m never gonna say never, Andy,” she stated. “Maybe not now but in the future, and Nneka’s making quite an effort, which I appreciate.”

Looking back on her time with Chris at Eddie Osefo‘s weed dinner, Ashley admitted she was “a little insensitive.”

“I feel a little bad about how hard I was. I feel a little bad about how I approached that. Chris and I are on good terms. We’re not like BFFs. It was a little harsh,” she noted.

As for why she recorded Nneka, Candiace Dillard-Bassett, 37, and Karen Huger, 60, talking about Wendy and Robyn Dixon, 44, Ashley clarified that she was simply trying to capture her mom eating caviar for the first time.

“Everybody was mic’d up. This was on camera. This was not a hot mic moment. Everyone was fully aware of what was going on,” she revealed.

When Andy then asked about her dating life, Ashley said she was “having a lot of fun and not limiting her dating pool to men.”

“I have some lady friends and I do like to kiss and tell. I must say, I forgot how tenderly women kiss compared to men,” she confessed.

Although Andy asked Ashley if she was seeing “any ladies that we know,” Ashley quickly stopped herself from saying too much.

“No. There’s something — no no no,” she replied. “Let me not put my…”

Also on WWHL, Ashley was asked about Candiace continuously coming for her forehead.

“Between Candace’s chipmunk cheeks and my forehead and Mia’s feet, we just play a little game. It’s all love,” she insisted.

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