RHOP’s Candiace Dillard on Why She Doesn’t Regret Making Faces During Gizelle’s Convo About Daughter, Offers Update on Chris & Mom, and Shades Robyn as “Disingenuous,” Plus Talks Reunion, Porsha and Michael Darby Lawsuit

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RHOP's Candiace Dillard on If She Regrets Making Faces at Gizelle Talking About Daughter, Slams Her as "Trash," and Offers Update on Chris and Mom, Plus Shades Robyn as "Disingenuous," Talks Reunion, and Michael Darby Lawsuit

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Candiace Dillard-Bassett appeared on Sunday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she looked back on the Real Housewives of Potomac moment in which she made faces as Gizelle Bryant spoke about her daughter attending college in Florida.

While also offering an update on where she and her husband, Chris Bassett, stand with her mom, Dorothy Dillard, shading both Gizelle, 53, and Robyn Dixon, 44, and teasing the upcoming reunion special, Candiace, 37, spoke of Michael Darby‘s lawsuit against her and revealed if she has any show regrets.

During the March 3 episode of WWHL, Candiace played a game of “Do! You! Regret! It?!,” during which she was asked if she regrets making faces during Gizelle’s conversation about her daughter.

“I was not making faces at her daughter. I was making faces because Gizelle is trash,” Candiace clarified, confirming she did not regret the faces she made.

Candiace also had no regrets about shading Robyn on social media, or about calling Gizelle a “raggedy petty b*tch.”

“That was very kind,” she insisted.

As for where she and Chris stand with her mom, who he’s butted heads with in the past, Chris, who was serving as the Clubhouse bartender, said things were “great” between them.

“It’s good. After the ‘Drive Back’ video, we had a little discussion and things are great. I think we’re in a great space,” he stated.

“I think so too,” Candiace replied. “She was just at the house for like a week for her birthday and we had a nice time, I think one fight, that’s good for us.”

During RHOP season seven, Chris was targeted by Gizelle and Robyn, even though she was going through her own marriage issues with Juan Dixon, 45, at the time. And during the WWHL episode, Candiace was asked by a fan if she still believes Robyn plotted to take Chris down to get the heat off her relationship.

“Don’t look at me,” Chris said as Candiace turned around.

“I believe that Robyn has intentionally been disingenuous and there’s a lot that I want to say at the reunion that I don’t want to say right now, but I’m not wrong for feeling the way that I feel,” Candiace explained of her feelings towards Robyn and her behavior. “She’s not been completely honest and she’s not been completely open and that I want to talk about at the reunion.”

When Candiace was then asked how she felt about Gizelle telling Karen Huger, 60, she’s a different person around her and Wendy Osefo, 39, Candiace suggested Gizelle controls certain members of the cast.

“A lot of the group, she has her brains in their purse so they don’t think for themselves and Gizelle is divisive, so anything she can say to divide us, that’s what she’s gonna do,” she stated.

Another person wanted to know if she felt it was odd that Mia Thornton, 39, had different stories about the start of her relationship with Gordon Thornton.

“They call her Mia B Lying so she be lying,” Candiace noted. “The people, the congregation. They have named her Mia B Lying but we love her. She’s crazy and I love her. I love her lies. She’s amazing on the show.”

Candiace then reacted to the recent split between Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams, 42, and her now-estranged husband, Simon Guobadia.

“They looked so happy. They were just in Dubai together. Shocked,” she said.

Also on the live broadcast, Andy Cohen, 55, asked Candiace if she had gotten a victory over Michael, 64.

“Is God good or is he good?” Candiace responded.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Candiace was asked if she felt Karen was being too dramatic by not wanting to share a room.

“I think that we are all justified in having our own rooms,” she replied. “I think it’s like a Housewives right of passage for us to fight over rooms on these crazy trips. But yeah, give Grand Dame her own room and give her a view.”

As for whether she regretted calling Ashley Darby, 35, a “$2 hoe,” Candiace said, “No. That was funny.”

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