Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay Discusses Rift With Katie, Status With Ariana, and Marriage Rumors, Plus John Mayer Drama as She Explains Jeremy Madix Friendship

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Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Discusses Rift With Katie, Status With Ariana, and Marriage Rumors, Plus John Mayer Drama as She Explains Jeremy Madix Friendship

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Scheana Shay spoke about her rift with Katie Maloney on her podcast and revealed where she stands with Ariana Madix.

While also addressing rumors of a potentially impending split from her husband Brock Davies, pointing out that John Mayer, 46, has never denied her claims of a romance, and detailing her friendship with Ariana’s younger brother, Jeremy Madix, the Vanderpump Rules star, 38, admitted that while she thought she and Katie, 37, were in a good place amid season 11, she now questions their relationship.

“I thought Katie and I were in a good place, at least a much better place than season 10, obviously. She invited me to her Christmas party. There were less than 10 of us there. She had a very intimate birthday dinner … I think it was only maybe eight of us. Then what’s interesting is I see all of the things she was saying about me around the same time, whether it was interviews or the After Show … It’s been upsetting for sure,” Scheana revealed on the April 5 episode of Scheananigans. “The After Show has been the most telling to me because I know the exact date that was filmed.”

“I’ve been genuinely trying to work on rebuilding that friendship … I even had cut someone out of my life who she was having a major issue with last year just to prove to her, ‘I’m trying to be loyal to you. I’m trying to respect you and your boundaries,’ and then she goes and makes these comments,” Scheana continued. “Her laughing along with Nick Viall  saying sh*t about me, he makes jokes at my expense and then she doesn’t have my back.”

According to Scheana, she doesn’t understand why Katie invited her into her inner circle, only to make jokes about her “behind [her] back, on camera, [and] in the press.”

“She wants to say she doesn’t know if she can trust me. It’s like, ‘Well I don’t know if I can trust you because someone who does that behind my back is not someone I can genuinely trust as a friend,’” Scheana noted. “I think genuine friends cheer you on publicly and privately so I do now question things.”

As for where she stands with Ariana, 38, Scheana said they are “fine” before hinting at the reunion tension.

“When we filmed the reunion, we had to rehash some things and talk about things that can be uncomfortable at times. It’s not my favorite day out of the year but at times it can also be a bit therapeutic and cathartic,” she explained. “I was able to get some things off my chest and at the end of the reunion, Ariana and I hugged, said ‘I love you,’ we’ve texted since then.”

As Ariana nears the end of her run in Broadway’s Chicago, Scheana is looking forward to spending time with her and her boyfriend, Daniel Wai, at Coachella.

“I don’t think there’s anything to mend,” she clarified of the dynamic between her and Ariana, which was tested by Scheana’s relationship with Tom Sandoval, 41, on season 11. “I think friendships go through ups and downs and last year was a wild year in all of our lives and we’re all doing the best we can.”

As Scheana attempted to sort through her feelings about Sandoval post-affair, she and Brock were faced with marital challenges.

“We’re definitely in a much better place now than we were last year. We were going through a lot of issues, a lot of them you’ve seen play out so far this season. You’re still going to see more coming up in the next few episodes but it was a difficult time in our relationship,” Scheana noted. “I think that after everything we went through and have been in therapy about individually, I think we’re in the best place we’ve ever been in. Sometimes you have to go through some hard moments to come out on the other side.”

“We want our family to work and if that means I gotta bring in a nanny a couple more days, if that means he needs to bite his tongue with my mom, whatever it is, we’re figuring it out,” she added.

Moving on to the topic of John, Scheana made it clear that despite recent claims of him “denying” their relationship, the musician has never actually done so.

“I’m sure John doesn’t love being a storyline on Vanderpump Rules], but where did he deny this? Because I’m pretty sure it was The Sun who made that claim,” she told listeners. “When I looked at the article, it looks like they just kind of made this up. It was like, ‘a source close to,’ or however they worded it. There weren’t quotes from John. There weren’t quotes from his team. There was nothing else in there.”

“When that popped up, I was like, ‘Oh, I forgot about that.’ And nothing was ever denied then. So just interesting that The Sun is putting more rumors out and trying to dispel other things,” she noted.

Also on the episode, Scheana responded to a fan who wanted to know why she was spending time with Jeremy amid his issues with Ariana.

“I’ve always been close with Jeremy. They are both family to me. He’s like a little brother and has been for over a decade,” she shared. “She’s spent many Christmases with him. We’ve done many holidays together … [And] he got engaged yesterday and they were in L.A. They live down in Oceanside and got engaged in Malibu and were staying in West Hollywood for the night so on their way back to WeHo, they stopped by.”

“I popped a nice bottle of champagne I had for them and obviously I posted because that’s a huge moment in his life and I was so excited for him,” she went on. “I absolutely love his fiancé, Rachael, she is an absolute doll and such a sweetheart so that’s why I posted, because it was a very big day in their lives and I was so excited to be able to celebrate with them.”

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