Porsha Williams Addresses Where She Stands With Phaedra Parks & Her Potential Return to RHOA, Plus Ming Lee Rumors, and Admits She’s Scared About Rejoining Series

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Porsha Williams on Phaedra's Potential to RHOA Return, If They’re in Touch and Ming Lee Rumors, Plus Admits She’s Scared About Rejoining Series

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Porsha Williams spoke of Phaedra Parks and Ming Lee‘s potential roles on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 16 during an appearance days ago.

Amid ongoing claims regarding Phaedra, 50, rejoining the series and the hypothetical addition of Ming, 24, Porsha, who is in the midst of a sudden and messy split from Simon Guobadia, shared her thoughts about the upcoming cast. She also discussed her own return to the series, admitting that she does have some fears going into filming.

“Just earlier I was talking about Phaedra Parks because we have the same makeup artist, Tommy, and I was just saying how similar we are,” Porsha revealed during an appearance on Amazon Live last week. “We love the same makeup, we love our hair to be the same. We’re both from the South. You know, she’s a Southern belle. I feel like I’m sort of a Southern belle. And yes, I definitely have texted her [from] time to time.”

Although Porsha noted that Phaedra is “very, very busy,” giving a nod to her recent role on The Traitors, she said she “would love” for Phaedra to return to RHOA.

As for Ming, Porsha was also on board with her potential season 16 role.

“I would love to know if [Ming Lee] is a new housewife. I love Ming Lee, I think she is super dope,” Porsha stated. “I think she would bring an amazing energy to the show. So, I don’t know, it’ll be revealed to me soon. They said they’re gonna tell me, you know, maybe I’ll start knowing something and then I can’t say when. But, it’ll be revealed to me soon.”

Back in February, just before she shocked fans by filing for divorce from Simon days after a trip to Dubai, Porsha confirmed that after three years away from the series, she was returning to RHOA.

“[Andy Cohen] definitely said break. He made it clear from our first phone call about me possibly leaving that, girlfriend, it’s gonna be a break […]. And you know, I enjoyed my break,” Porsha said of her post-season 13 exit from the show in 2021.

Now that she’s signed on for a return, Porsha admitted to feeling a bit uneasy at times.

“I’m like nervous. Well, maybe not nervous, but I don’t know what’s gonna happen,” she clarified. “We always have, like, a production meeting, right? They ask you, ‘So what’s your season about, Porsha? What’s going on in your life?’ Whatever you answer is nine times out of 10 gonna be your storyline, which is basically the story of your life because they’re following your life journey, right? So this year, I’m like, ‘Yes, I’m gonna be coming back’ […]. And I was really like, super excited, and then I got really scared real quick.”

Looking back at her exit from RHOA, Porsha confessed to feeling that her story was “incomplete.”

“I’m just excited to mix with the new girls. And I don’t really know who they are. I know that’s probably one of the questions, but I’m just hoping there’s some grown a** women,” Porsha said of her hopes for the new season. “I’m hoping they are some women who have a lot going on in their lives and we can bond. We can, you know, really have real relationships, so I’m really excited about that. I’m excited to have new friends, and I say that a little bit lightly, because I can be your friend or we could be your enemy, whatever that may be, you know, I’m saying, but I’m really looking forward to what I used to miss about the show, which was that sisterhood. You know if you’re up, we’re celebrating you, if you’re down, we’re gonna pull you up, you know, we’re going to be there for you.”

“I need a little bit of both of that. So, I’m excited for that. I’m truly, truly, genuinely excited,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 16 is expected to go into production soon.