Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney on Why Scheana is Upset With Her, Where They Stand and Lala Feud, Plus If She’d Ever Be Friends With Sandoval, and Thoughts on Schwartz’s New Girlfriend

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Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney on Why Scheana is Upset With Her, Where They Stand and Lala Feud, Plus If She’d Ever Be Friends With Sandoval, and Thoughts on Schwartz's New Girlfriend

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Katie Maloney addressed her tension with Scheana Shay and Lala Kent on a podcast on Wednesday.

While also sharing her thoughts on future friendship with Tom Sandoval, 41, and reacting to Tom Schwartz‘s new romance with Sophia Skoro, 23, the Vanderpump Rules star, 37, explained why Scheana, 38, is upset with her and expressed confusion over her drama with Lala, 33.

“I don’t have a problem with [Scheana]; I think Scheana is upset because she’s seen the After Show and some of the things that I’ve said, but I feel like the things I’ve said are issues that I’ve had with her in the past,” Katie began on the April 17 episode of Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino.

Looking back, Katie admitted to calling Scheana a “male sympathizer,” which she stands by.

“I had that issue with her last year because I felt like she sympathized more with Tom and if it’s the words I’ve used, the selective language I’ve used, I can be a little cut-throat. I know that. But I feel like she sympathizes with men most of the time,” Katie explained. “That’s the observation I’ve made. And it’s not just me that has said that.”

As for where they stand today, Katie admitted she’s “a little unclear.”

“I think she just thinks I have one opinion of her and that I’m different to her face, but I think we’re all imperfect people and we all have our fatal flaws, but in lieu of all that we still accept each other,” Katie reasoned, adding that she “let a lot of things go this past summer,” including the reveal of Scheana and Schwartz’s Las Vegas kiss, even though it made her question whether she could “fully trust” her.

Moving on to Lala, Katie said their drama is a little bit more confusing because she thought they’d worked through their issues at the end of filming on Pump Rules season 11.

“Everything was fine. There was obviously, the reunion can get heated as it does every year and things get brought up, but it took a really hard left and I was very surprised how things went,” she teased.

When Katie was then asked if she’d ever reconcile with Sandoval, she confirmed she sees no “reason why” she would.

“I had to kind of look for reasons or try to maintain with him for so long because of Schwartz or because of Ariana but I don’t have a tie to this man anymore,” she noted. “I could only think of all the times he yelled at me or people I cared about or his sh*tty behavior over the years.”

“This person is just not somebody who brings any value to my life,” she added.

As for Sophia, Katie said that while she doesn’t know much about Schwartz’s new flame, she has heard that she has a vintage clothing store — and that “she’s young.”

“I’m not an ageist type of person, I think if there’s a connection there, then that’s what’s most important,” she shared. “[But] I think time will tell whether or not you’re a match for somebody and sometimes age does become a factor.”

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