RHONJ’s Jackie Goldschneider Addresses What Was in Manila Envelope at Pre-Reunion Meeting, Margaret Exposing Text About Dolores, & Reunion Cancellation, Plus Calls Out Melissa’s Hypocrisy & Shares If They Feuded Off Camera

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RHONJ's Jackie Goldschneider Addresses What Was in Manilla Envelope at Pre-Reunion Meeting, Margaret Exposing Text About Dolores, and Reunion Cancelation, Plus Calls Out Melissa’s Hypocrisy & Shares If They Feuded Off Camera

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Jackie Goldschneider appeared on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live, where she admitted that there wasn’t enough dirt in John Fuda‘s envelope to bring Luis Ruelas down at the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion.

As she also reacted to her leaked text about Dolores Catania, 53, discussed her newfound friendship with Teresa Giudice, 52, and addressed the canceled reunion, Jackie, 47, accused Margaret Josephs, 57, of asking her to quit, shaded Melissa Gorga, 45, as hypocritical, and responded to a question about the pre-reunion plan Marge and Melissa had against Luis.

“There’s always a plan,” Jackie began on the June 16 episode of WWHL. “It was a manila envelope there and it was filled with like, nothing exciting. So yeah, the plan was to try to make Luis look bad, but I don’t think there was enough in the envelope to really execute.”

When asked about Sunday’s episode of RHONJ, which saw Marge exposing her shady text about Dolores, who she slammed as a “slob,” Jackie said she shouldn’t have had to consider whether the word would trigger Dolores.

“It was a private text that was sent before the season even started. I never worry that a private text message would be outed,” she shared.

Jackie was then asked what happened with her, Melissa, and Marge that led her to Team Teresa.

“Nothing happened with Melissa. I don‘t know how we’re not friends right now, but my fight with Margaret had nothing to do with my friendship with Teresa. Teresa and I wanted to reconcile,” she revealed.

Because Jackie has been reevaluating her friendship with Marge since their falling out, she was questioned about whether that reevaluation led her to consider that Marge was actually involved in the cheating rumors Teresa previously shared about her husband, Evan Goldschneider, 49.

“Without proof, I don’t know anything but I also don’t really care. I’m so over it that I don’t care,” Jackie stated.

As for the canceled reunion, Jackie admitted she “was pretty happy” about the news because everything had gotten “so dark” and “so toxic” amongst the cast, and Jennifer Fessler, 52, her fellow WWHL guest, agreed.

“Yes! .. Because I am weak,” she laughed.

Then, when host Andy Cohen, 56, noted that the finale “answers a lot of questions,” Jackie said, “I agree.”

Although Margaret has denied asking her castmates to quit RHONJ if Luis, 50, returned, Jackie said she did ask her.

“Never ever asked me,” Jennifer noted.

“Jen Fessler!” Jackie replied.

“Never. Jackie Goldschneider. She never asked me,” Jennifer insisted.

According to Jackie, Margaret asked her to leave the show after accusing Luis of calling her son at work.

“She asked me. She said she was very upset about Luis allegedly calling her son and said if Luis comes back to the show, we all have to leave,” Jackie alleged.

Still, Jennifer continued, “That is not what she said to me, maybe to Jackie, but what I had volunteered, because she was so upset and it was her son and I said to her — do not look at me like that [Jackie] that is exactly how it went down. It’s 100 percent true. She never asked me to not do the show.”

Moving on to her friendship with Teresa, Jackie said Evan isn’t bothered by the relationship.

“He’s over it also. I asked him before I made up with Teresa, I said, ‘How do you feel about it?’ And he was like, ‘I’m so over it. Do what makes you feel good. I want you to be around people that make you happy.’ And he actually really likes Luis,” she shared.

As for whether it was hypocritical that Melissa made up with Jennifer Aydin, 47, but gave her a hard time about cozying up to Teresa, Jackie exclaimed, “Yeah!”

“Everyone made up with [Danielle Cabral] and everyone makes up with [Jennifer Aydin]. But the minute I make up with Teresa it’s like the world falls apart,” she noted.

Also regarding Sunday’s RHONJ, Jackie weighed in on Danielle and Jennifer Aydin’s drama, which saw Jennifer get upset with Danielle after Aydin’s plastic surgery was left out of the step-and-repeat setup.

“Jen gave a lot for that charity event, so why not? Of course, build everyone up,” Jackie advised.

While Jackie has insisted that she and Teresa have no ulterior motives for being friends with one another, Andy hinted that Teresa shaded Jackie in some way in future episodes after she applauded her as a friend.

“I think you may be surprised with some things that are said coming up,” he warned.

“I’m thrown by what you just said. Uh oh, um, but I stand behind every decision I made so no matter what’s said, I’m fine with it … But now I need to know,” she replied.

Continuing on about Teresa, Jackie was asked a series of rapid-fire questions, starting with what made her want to be friends with her former onscreen nemesis.

“She was very warm to me. She wanted to be a friend. It was during a time when my friends were being very mean and toxic to me and I like moving forward. I think that’s what these shows are about,” Jackie explained.

She was then asked how Teresa was a better friend than Marge.

“When my son was injured, my son had a horrible injury this year, and Teresa sent a huge care package, called me all the time, checked in on me and none of my other friends did that,” she shared, later clarifying, “[Jennifer Fessler] did.”

Jackie also denied being nervous that Teresa was using their friendship to get back at Melissa and Marge.

“No because it was me who initiated the friendship,” she stated.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Jackie was asked how she felt about Melissa saying she was tired of hearing her complain about missing invites.

“Listen, I’m gonna be really authentic. I get annoyed when I’m, like, the only one not invited. And, like, if that’s messy, then, like, I’m messy. Like, I don’t like being the only one not invited, and I’m going to admit that,” she replied.

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