RHONJ’s Rachel Fuda Says Jennifer & Danielle’s Fight Was “Pre-Contrived,” Calls Jackie “Laughing Stock of Bravo,” and Explains ‘Has Been’ Comment to Teresa, Plus Talks Reunion Envelope and Jackie’s Text About Dolores

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RHONJ's Rachel Fuda on Jennifer and Danielle's "Pre-Contrived" Fight, Jackie Being the "Laughing Stock of Bravo," and Teresa Lacking Authenticity, Plus John's Reunion Envelope and Jackie's Text About Dolores

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo, Instagram

Rachel Fuda appeared on Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she suggested that Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral‘s fight was pre-planned.

After the ladies came to blows on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Rachel, 33, weighed in on the altercation and shaded both Jackie Goldschneider, 47, and Teresa Giudice, 52, while also explaining her “has been” comment about Teresa, addressing John Fuda‘s reunion envelope, and reacting to Jackie’s leaked text about Dolores Catania, 53.

“Can we think of anything that’s more pre-contrived in all of that?” Rachel wondered of Jennifer and Danielle’s fight on the June 23 episode of WWHL. “These girls come into this season with a plan and they execute. And that was the execution of a plan that happened before cameras even picked up.”

Looking back at last Sunday’s episode of WWHL, Andy Cohen, 56, confirmed he hinted to Jackie that Teresa had thrown shade about their friendship, which she did on Sunday’s RHONJ by suggesting she only befriended Jackie to get gossip about Margaret Josephs, 57.

“She’s the laughing stock of Bravo right now because she just got played. Jackie just got played like a fiddle,” Rachel said of the dig. “She’s posting happy birthday posts and Teresa’s sitting there like, ‘Well, she better do what I say.’”

In addition to Teresa seemingly faking her friendship with Jackie, Rachel also felt she wasn’t being real when she apologized to John, 36, for bringing up his past.

“Am I in the Twilight Zone? Is any of it authentic? No,” Rachel stated. “Do you think she really sends a bottle to say, ‘I miss you guys?’”

“She said on this show that it was [Luis Ruelas]’ idea,” Andy noted of Teresa’s housewarming gift for Melissa and Joe Gorga.

“It was James Leonard,” Rachel replied, giving a nod to Teresa’s family lawyer.

As for saying Teresa was a “has been,” Rachel explained what she meant.

“I totally get [she’s booked and busy]. And I don’t mean her career is a has been. In my opinion, this is up for her. She needs a next chapter. Like, let’s move on,” Rachel shared. “She’s almost too famous to be here. I kinda feel like sometimes where it’s, like, let’s move on to something else. It doesn’t make sense anymore.”

While the contents of John’s season 13 reunion envelope have never been revealed, Rachel confirmed it contained enough information that she “could’ve wallpapered my 13,000-square-foot house with it.”

Andy then asked Rachel about Danielle saying she was closer with Teresa and Jennifer, 47, than her and Melissa, 45.

“There’s really no surprise there. Danielle and I, most recently have been getting really close but at that time, I would say that that’s actually true,” she revealed.

Regarding why it was okay for her and John to mention Teresa’s jail time but not okay for Teresa to bring up John’s past, Rachel stated, “Because she threw out the first punch, as she always says, right?”

Moving on to Jackie’s diss against Dolores, who she slammed as a “slob” in a text sent to Margaret, Rachel described the rude message as “so intentional” before reacting to Dolores seeming done with Jackie.

“Was Dolores ever in it with Jackie to begin with?” she asked.

During a game of “Can! You! Defend!?,” Rachel was asked if she could defend Margaret for showing Jackie’s text to Dolores.

“I can’t defend it,” she admitted.

Rachel also couldn’t defend Margaret for uncovering Bill Aydin‘s affair, asking, “I plead the fifth?” But she said she could defend her pre-reunion meeting.

“Absolutely. Luis hired a private investigator. Hell yeah, I was [there],” she declared.

Also on WWHL, Rachel offered an update on her two-year-old daughter, Giuliana.

“[She’s] amazing. She’s still in therapy. She’s in PT, speech, and feeding therapy. But she’s speaking her little sentences, and walking, running, dancing, the whole thing,” she gushed.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 14 airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.