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Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Claps Back at Comedian On Twitter When Confronted About Husband David’s ‘Explosive Anger’ & Abusive Behavior

Teen Mom 2 David Eason and Jenelle Evans News

Teen Mom 2 viewers have been concerned about the safety of Jenelle Evans and her children ever since she began dating the anger-prone David Eason and earlier this week, one of them confronted the reality star on Twitter about her now-husband’s scary behavior.

On June 27, comedian and reality star Tammy Pescatelli reached out to Jenelle in a series of tweets in which she expressed her concern for the mother of three and encouraged her to “escape.”

During the past several episodes, David has expressed intense anger toward Jenelle, her children, and a number of other people, including Nathan Griffith, the father of Jenelle’s second child. As fans witnessed, David told Jenelle during a recent episode of Teen Mom 2 that he wanted to beat Griffith’s head in after suspected he had called Child Protective Services on him and his wife.

While fans have seen the last of David’s anger on Teen Mom 2 due to his firing in February, Tammy, who previously starred on Last Comic Standing, believes that his anger issues are far from over and hopes that Jenelle can learn to recognize what she believes to be signs of abuse.

After Tammy’s tweets were shared, some Twitter users attempted to defend David, claiming that the tricks of editing may have painted him to be someone he is not. However, as Tammy pointed out, his “explosive anger” was worrisome.

“I know about reality shows. I also know his explosive anger is dangerous,” she wrote.

In response to Tammy’s messages, Jenelle shared a number of messages of her own, denying that her husband is abusive or controlling.

Tammy then noted that editing could not be blamed for the ongoing anger and explosive behavior that David has exhibited on Teen Mom 2.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, a number of Twitter users spoke of their concerns for Jenelle and her family after watching Monday’s show.

Below are a couple of their reactions.

“The hole that was punched eye level in Jenelle’s bedroom door, and David losing his temper in front of CPS like that demonstrates a serious lack of control.”

“OMG! DAVID IS SCARY I don’t know how their kids feel safe cuz he is always acting this way! Her kids see this do they understand it’s not ok to act like that! Talking like he was going to knock that cops head in?!”

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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