Southern Charm’s Patricia Altschul Reveals How Ashley Tried to Sabotage Kathryn, Plus She Talks Biggest Regret About Thomas and Why She Blocked Him

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Southern Charm Patricia Altschul Interview, Discusses Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel Ashley Jacobs

Patricia Altschul has completely cut off communication with Thomas Ravenel and his controversial girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs.

During a new interview, the Southern Charm cast member spoke out about why she chose to remove Thomas from her life and revealed how Ashley attempted to sabotage Kathryn Dennis.

“I have not spoken to him since the finale. I’ve had no communication. I blocked him and Ashley,” she confirmed during last week’s episode of SiriusXM’s Reality Checked with host Amy Phillips. “It was something that he and Ashley did to somebody else that I disapproved of that was uncalled for, unfair and being litigated right now, which I can’t even talk about it.”

Although Patricia couldn’t confirm who she was referring to when she said “somebody,” she seemed to be referencing her friend Luzanne Otte, who reportedly dated Thomas briefly last year. As some may have heard, Luzanne is allegedly in the midst of building a slander case against Thomas and Ashley after they continued to harass her online, despite a cease and desist letter being sent their way.

“I have had no communication and no phone calls and they are blocked… and the same for Whitney,” Patricia continued.

According to Patricia, her biggest regret about Thomas is giving him the benefit of the doubt for years and now realizes she shouldn’t have done so.

“You know, I was about his own ally and quite frankly, in retrospect, I think gave him a lot of leeway when in fact I shouldn’t have,” she admitted. “After I saw this other incident which has nothing to do with the show, it made me rethink my whole relationship with Kathryn because there was a lot of lying, character assassination applied to somebody else that I knew was not true. It made me think that perhaps all the things he told me about her were not necessarily true.”

Among the lies she allegedly received from Thomas was a claim made by the former politician in which he accused Kathryn, the mother of his two children, of using drugs after receiving treatment in 2016.

“[Thomas said] that she was doing drugs after she came back from rehab, which is why I continued not to have any relationship with her… but the fact of the matter is that she was passing drug tests,” Patricia said, adding that this was the reason she chose not to invite Kathryn to Cameran Eubanksbaby shower.

As for Ashley’s apparent setup, Patricia revealed that the hospice nurse caused Kathryn to have track marks on her arm because she insisted Thomas start having her undergo several drug tests each week amid their custody battle.

“From what I was told, she would have drug tests every three weeks and then when Ashley came on the scene she was making her have drug tests three times a week,” Patricia revealed. “It’s sadistic.”

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