RHOC’s Jim Bellino Slams “Fame-Hungry” and “Desperate” Tamra Judge Amid $1 Million Lawsuit, Claims She Makes Malicious Attacks To Stay Relevant

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RHOC's Jim Bellino Slams

Jim Bellino is slamming Tamra Judge in a new blog post.

Amid his $1 million lawsuit against the Real Housewives of Orange County star, Jim, who appeared on the show alongside ex-wife, Alexis Bellino, years ago, shared a lengthy statement about the “disgusting actions and statements” of Tamra and her co-star, Shannon Beador.

“My family and I have sadly been the target of slanderous statements made by Tamra Judge that date back to 2011, when she publicly called me a ‘Faux Christian,’ despite the fact that I hold a degree in theology. I find it preposterous for her to make such statements about me when she has chosen to make her supposed Christianity a plotline for a reality show by getting baptized in a swimming pool and then still continuing to act in a debaucherous manner for television,” Jim wrote.

According to Jim, Tamra used her Christianity storyline, to remain relevant on The Real Housewives of Orange County, which he found to be “extremely fame-hungry” and “desperate.” Then, in 2012, she labeled him a “cocaine dealer” with absolutely no evidence to back up her statement.

“This was a desperate comment made publicly to harm me personally with zero regards as to how this would affect me, my work, my wife, or our small children,” Jim noted. 

Even after Jim sent a letter of cease and desist to Tamra, he said her “harassment and degradation” continued and ultimately, after determining her statements were having a “negative and damaging impact” on his family, personal and professional life, he filed a lawsuit against her and Shannon due to the slanderous comments they made on Heather McDonald‘s “Juicy Scoop” podcast.

“After filing for divorce from Alexis on June 21, 2018, which was already the most painful and difficult experience of my life, I learned that there were vicious statements spreading about me, statements made by Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador,” he wrote.

During the podcast, Tamra and Shannon labeled Jim “shady” and said he was going to jail. They even questioned whether or not he and Alexis had truly parted ways. According to Jim, they did so for their own “personal, financial, and celebrity gain.”

“After taking years of verbal abuse and slander from Judge, this was truly the last straw,” he said.

In closing, Jim took aim at Tamra’s “abuse” and slammed Bravo TV for doing nothing about her behavior..

“Tamra’s longstanding abuse of the reality TV platform is so disgusting to me,” he said. “In my opinion, she has used Bravo TV and The Real Housewives of Orange County TV series to get away with all manner of manipulation, bullying, and abuse, all without facing any consequences from Bravo.”

As reported, Shannon was recently dismissed from Jim’s defamation lawsuit, although he is appealing that ruling. Last month, Shannon filed court papers asking Jim to cover her six-figure legal bill

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