Tom Sandoval Reveals How Vanderpump Rules Costars Stabbed Him in the Back and Slams Jax Taylor as a ‘P***y,’ Does He Believe They’re Trying to Get Him Kicked Off the Show?

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Tom Sandoval Reveals How Vanderpump Rules Costars Stabbed Him in the Back and Slams Jax Taylor as a 'P***y,' Does He Believe They're Trying to Get Him Kicked Off the Show?

Tom Sandoval appeared on Scheana Shay‘s podcast this week, where he opened up about Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s wedding and the drama surrounding their controversial pastor.

In addition to slamming Jax for continuously talking “sh*t” about him publicly, Sandoval dished on how the cast of Vanderpump Rules betrayed him and suggested that some of the OGs were attempting to get him fired from the show.

When Scheana mentioned that Jax may not have been “man enough” to ask Sandoval to switch places with Tom Schwartz during his wedding ceremony, even though he made a big deal about it behind the scenes, Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, reminded him that while Jax never said anything to him, he complained that Schwartz should have been standing next to him at the altar instead of Sandoval.

“[Jax] didn’t tell you, he just complained to Brittany about it and freaked out on her,” Ariana shared on Scheananigans.

“Jax is a f**king p***y man. That’s all I can say,” Sandoval replied. “The guy talks relentless sh*t about me on Twitter and then comes into f**king TomTom and high-fives me like we’re boys, like I don’t see it because he’s not @-ing me when he’s talking sh*t.”

According to Sandoval, he typically ignores Jax’s many online attacks but reached a breaking point with him last month when Jax suggested he discriminated against Jeremy Madix, Ariana’s younger brother, by refusing to hire him at TomTom due to his hairstyle.

“Like dude, this is your f**king wedding episode and you’re taking all this time to take away from that and talk sh*t about me. Dude, f**k you. If I was Brittany I would be so pissed if Jax turned that whole time during their wedding episode as a time to talk sh*t about me,” he said.

While Sandoval and Jax’s friendship was on shaky ground at the start of Pump Rules season eight, the drama between them was further fueled when Sandoval confronted Jax and Brittany about their pastor’s past controversial posts.

Looking back, Sandoval said he anticipated the cast having his back when he confronted Jax and Brittany.

“When I talk to everyone individually about this pastor situation, everybody was very animated and opinionated about it. I felt a certain way and they felt a certain way,” he explained.

Then, when Sandoval mentioned the issue at Peter Madrigal‘s birthday party, those same people put him on blast.

“[They] were like, ‘No, what are you talking about? How dare you bring this up?’ And it’s like, ‘Dude, we’ve talked about this. We know this is f**ked up and now you’re stabbing me in the back and throwing me under the bus,’” Tom shared.

After seemingly being betrayed by his co-stars and longtime friends, Sandoval appeared to convince himself that certain OG members of the Pump Rules cast were trying to push him out of their group so he’d be fired.

“A lot of times these old OG casts, they don’t like somebody and they try to get them kicked off the show or excluded out of situations. And that’s f**king stupid,” he explained. “Even when me and Kristen broke up, there were even times where I felt like my safety was in jeopardy but I still didn’t try to get her kicked off the show because why would I do that? So we can hang out and I can only be around people I’m friends with? That is not what makes our show.”

According to Sandoval, Pump Rules is a success because the cast is forced to be around one another in good times and in bad times. He then suggested that his co-stars wouldn’t have had much to talk about during season eight if he hadn’t confronted Jax and Brittany.

“If I wouldn’t have brought up that pastor stuff or if sh*t wouldn’t have happened with the wedding, what would we have been talking about during these episodes? Same thing with Kristen, Stassi, and Katie,” he added.

Also during the episode, Sandoval said he and Schwartz have been doing tons of Cameos for fans to raise money for the staff at TomTom as the restaurant remains shut down for business.

“[It] is going really well. We did 73 cameos yesterday, all over a minute long, some over two minutes long. I play trumpet, guitar. I play the Vanderpump Rules theme song on my trumpet,” he shared.

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