Faith Stowers Rebuffs Attempt by Stassi and Kristen to Privately Apologize, Find Out Why Plus She Has No Plans to Sue the Former Vanderpump Rules Stars

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Faith Stowers Rebuffs Attempt by Stassi and Kristen to Privately Apologize, Find Out Why Plus She Has No Plans to Sue the Former Vanderpump Rules Stars

Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute have attempted to offer private apologies to Faith Stowers for their poor treatment and discrimination in recent years but Faith isn’t willing to hear them out.

As it was confirmed that the recently fired Vanderpump Rules cast members attempted to get Faith’s contact information from a mutual friend and her publicist but have since learned that Faith is not interested in talking to them, Faith spoke out against the two women in another interview, claiming they have a “lynch mob” mentality and slamming them for attempting to destroy her life.

“As of right now I feel my client has not seen much education on Stassi’s or Kristen’s part, or anything to help what’s happening to black lives,” Faith’s rep, Alphonso Reed, told Page Six on Monday.

As the rep explained, Faith isn’t ready to have a private conversation with Stassi and Kristen because “words are not enough.” As Pump Rules fans well know, Stassi and Kristen offered public apologies to Faith on Instagram earlier this month after Faith revealed that the two of them called the cops in an attempt to have her arrested for drugging men and credit card theft, neither crime of which she actually committed. However, Faith did not find that the apologies were sincere and opted against responding to them.

“It’s bigger than them. Faith’s people are being murdered at an alarming rate and my client could have been right along side them, with a viral hashtag due to the false allegations put forth by both Stassi and Kristen,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in her new interview, Faith said that she has no plans to sue the ladies while making it clear that had she sued Stassi and Kristen for defamation, she would have won.

“At the end of the day I feel like I’m doing them a favor, because I could have filed suit. And I would have won,” Faith told the Insider on Tuesday.

According to Faith, what Stassi and Kristen did to her in 2018 was a “blatant attack on [her] life.”

“The levels they went to, I hate to say it, but it was a lynch mob,” Faith alleged. “They were trying every avenue they could to bring me down and to completely destroy my life. I’m being asked if I’m a car thief, I’m being asked if I’m like Bill Cosby, if I’m drugging people, I’m being asked if I robbed them, it was just like ‘Girl, what am I, at large?’ It was insane.”

Looking back on the drama she endured due to Stassi and Kristen’s false claims, Faith said she experienced emotional turmoil and actually sought professional help.

“It was a terrible thing to do, especially since I was seeing stories of people of color being taken down by the police, being murdered by the police. I’m not going to stand there and be arrested for something I didn’t do, so it was just a very dangerous situation I could have been in,” Faith explained.

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