Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Reveals Fans Biggest Misconception of Her, Says She Had “No Friends” in High School and Explains Where Her Nickname Came From, Plus She Talks Parenting Randall’s Kids

by Lindsay Cronin
Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Reveals Fans' Biggest Misconception, Claims She Had "No Friends" in High School, and Explains Where Her Nickname Came From, Plus Talks Parenting Randall Emmett's Daughters

Credit: Media Punch/INSTARimages

Lala Kent appeared on Katie Maloney‘s podcast last week, where she shared the biggest misconception fans have of her.

As Vanderpump Rules fans await the news regarding the potentially upcoming ninth season, Lala spoke to her castmate about what viewers have assumed of her before dishing on her experience in high school, her nickname, and her strict rules for the two daughters her fiancé, Randall Emmett, shares with his ex-wife, Ambyr Childers.

“My feelings get hurt so easily,” Lala admitted on the October 16 episode of You’re Gonna Love Me. “I would say most people think I can take a lot but I cannot. The tiniest little comment will make me feel insecure and bummed out. That’s why I have to become this Lala person where I can be a pit bull and not let people affect me. Because if I am the person who I really am, which is sensitive and gets her feelings hurt, my whole day is ruined.”

According to Lala, she developed a tougher exterior after moving to Los Angeles and seeing that people simply didn’t get her humor in the way her friends did back home in Utah.

“I stopped being who I was for a very long time and I kind of was in a shell. I didn’t know who I was anymore,” Lala explained. “I’m a hardened version. I felt like I had to defend who I was all the time. I didn’t feel I could be myself without being more aggressive. It became a defense mechanism.”

Looking back on her time growing up in Utah with Katie, who also lived in the area before relocating to L.A., Lala admitted that she didn’t have a great time in high school. In fact, she said she was “definitely not a part of the popular kids” and connected more with the “weirdos” and “geeks.”

“I was kind of a lone wolf. I had no friends in high school. I would go home and eat lunch with my mom,” Lala recalled.

Also in Utah, Lala, whose birth name is Lauryn, received her nickname.

“I’ve been called Lala since I was a little kid. It was always my nickname,” she stated, adding that she didn’t begin referring to herself as Lala until after her move to L.A.

“When I moved to L.A., it was Dani Shae who worked at SUR, who I grew up with, who was introducing me as Lala to everybody. So it kind of just became my name,” she shared.

Lala went on to say that when it comes to her friends in Los Angeles, not everyone has met “Lauryn from Utah.”

“I don’t think everybody deserves to be around Lauren from Utah. I allow people who I know aren’t going to judge me and who are going to be kind to see that part of me,” Lala revealed, noting that her Utah values aren’t seen on TV because they aren’t “fun to watch.”

Lala then said that she is quite strict with London and Rylee when it comes to the rules of her home.

“If my girls leave toys out, I tell them, ‘If it’s left out again, it goes bye-bye because there’s another child that doesn’t get to go to Target and get whatever they want.’ So it goes to them,” she explained.

While Lala is currently expecting her first child with Randall, a baby girl, she said that when she was growing up in Utah, she imagined she would have a lot of children at a young age.

“I’ll be 30 when I finally get married to Rand. I for sure thought I’d be popping out babies by now, like on my second or third kid. I always looked at girls in Utah and their parents were always so young and I loved that,” she shared.

Vanderpump Rules has not yet been officially confirmed for a ninth season.