PHOTO: Monique Samuels Shares Pic Showing Wine Was Tossed at Her During RHOP Fight With Candiace and Claims That’s Why She Got “Physical,” Candiace Says She Only Wanted Karen to Hold Everyone “Accountable” and Slams Monique’s Behavior After Fight

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Monique Samuels Claims She Only Got "Physical" in Candiace Dillard-Bassett Fight After Getting Wine Glass Thrown at Her, Plus Candiace Says She Only Wanted Karen to Hold Everyone "Accountable" and Slams Monique's Behavior After Fight

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Monique Samuels is standing her ground in terms of her part in the altercation with Candiace Dillard-Bassett.

In this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, the ladies are still dealing with the aftermath of their castmates’ fight as the battle lines continue to be drawn even more firmly between who’s siding with Monique, who’s siding with Candiace, and who’s desperately trying to be the neutral voice of reason.

While seemingly watching along with Sunday night’s episode, Monique responded on Twitter with a few thoughts of her own. She defended her actions in the altercation with Candiace by noting that there was in fact a drink thrown at her (despite Wendy Osefo saying in Sunday’s episode that there wasn’t) — a move that triggered her into physical action.

“Nope… there was no drink thrown on me ???????????? Nope… nobody saw that drink and glass splash/smack my face ????????‍♀️ #RHOP,” Monique sarcastically wrote, showing a screengrab from the fight with something splashing in her face.

“After you smashed her head into a plate of charcuterie?!?” one fan responded to Monique’s tweet. “YOU’RE DELUSIONAL ????????[.]”

“The glass happened first which is why I became that physical after,” Monique snapped back. “Press rewind then holla back.”

As the episode ended, the preview for next week’s episode showed Monique’s filing of counter-charges and how she legally fired back at Candiace for her pressing charges for the assault.

“If you’re gonna come after me then I have no choice but to come after you,” Monique says in the preview.

“Now you have the same stakes as I ???? #RHOP #countercharges,” Monique tweeted seemingly in response to the clip of what’s to come next week.

Candiace also tweeted while the episode aired. She commented on her heated conversation with Karen Huger regarding Karen’s ostensible taking sides in the matter and not holding Monique “accountable” (accusations Karen vehemently denied).

“And to be clear. I never asked Karen to be against anyone,” Candiace tweeted. “I asked her to hold everyone accountable for what they did. #RHOP[.]”

Candiace also went on her Twitter page to defend her charges made against Monique, comparing her almost-violent confrontation with Ashley Darby last year to Monique’s “physically attacking” her and subsequent alleged “manipulating the press” afterward.

“Holding me down while I’m getting into arguments w/gf’s & holding someone down for physically attacking someone & trying to attack them a 2nd time…And threatening to kill them… And then lying about it and manipulating the press to facilitate more lies… 1 is unlike the other,” Candiace scoffed.

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